​New Expansion of the 2022 season of POE

The deal is over and you've taken care of the danger lurking within the Path of Exile Atlas. You've preserved Wraeclast for the moment. Based on your experience and strength you decide to venture into the unknown instead of going back.

As you gain strength and stronger, you're also immersed in the mind-bending, twisting worlds of the Atlas. In a flash, you are an enemy to your own homeworld!

That's at least what the latest expansion implies. Grinding Gear Games figured out ways for players' behavior to impact the game's story. In the end, the players will continue to play Atlas maps throughout the game's endgame. If you do that for long enough, it's not surprising that people become insane. This is the reason behind the new bosses you'll see during this patch. They're not actually player characters who squandered endless PoE orbs, or that you could purchase them from p2pah.com however, they're similar to it.

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The Conquerors who are the wanderers mentioned in the Atlas are becoming to be too powerful. While they created the space they found themselves in, they did not realize the changes they made. They are now threatening your life and the world that you reside in. They're currently trapped however, they'll be free very soon!

Five bosses that you must beat. Each will award you the Watchstone after being defeated. These stones can be used in order to gain access to new maps you can explore within the Atlas. You can even swap out the stones on the fly!

If you look in search of them, you'll come across rare items with unique changes. Influence types that are new grant these modifications from pools exclusive to these Path of Exile items. It is possible to combine two items that have been influenced to make a 'hybrid. It will possess both features of the two items it was made of. In addition, there are new kinds of Exalted Orbs that provide these distinctive variations to the items you have already.

A new type of Support Gems, called 'Awakened is also available for purchase. At level one, they will be higher than their lowest level counterparts. They can be found in Conquerors when you're lucky. They're excellent additions to your build and can aid in the ongoing hunt for bosses.

There are brand new, unique items as well as Divination Cards to get your hands on. The four unique items are specifically for the league Make sure you don't lose the chance to collect these items!

A New Challenge League

New Bosses to Take on and new items to collect

The Metamorph League lets players make their own bosses that they combat. TaneOctavius is an exile who has escaped through the murder of their master of his, seeking to discover the cause or remedy for 'the Intrinsic darkness'. By doing this, he hopes to free himself of the harm that he committed.

The boss will require you to take a look at Monster Essences, which will be used to make a Metaphoric Foe. The specimens you collected will determine the strengths of the boss, as well as the rewards it can give away. While fighting it will go through the various forms of creatures that brought it to existence. Make sure you don't make a mistake and create something you won't beat!

Metamorphic bosses produce Catalysts that enhance the quality of the jewelry. They also increase the strength of the mods that this jewel has. They also have related mods that, when utilized in crafting, increase the likelihood of rolling these.

In addition Bow skills also got an overhaul, as well as Ranged Attack Totems, changed their names to Ballistas. The former includes new support gems and enhanced bow damage as well as other improvements. The latter also includes special gemstones for support, as well as passive abilities and brand-new art. This is a new and exciting problem for builders as well as players in the PoE farmers of the poe currency. The old builds must be rebuilt or scrapped, and then constructed anew.

The update was released on the 13th of December. The updates for consoles (Xbox and PS4) arrived one week later. The league runs for a period of two to three months, and the time will never stop. Don't pass up the opportunity! Have fun playing Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas.

Beware of those who are a threat to your territory.