​NBA 2K23 Release Update 4.0

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NBA 2K23's new 4.0 fix fixes numerous issues and declares an extra game mode for certain control center in the Season 4 send off just around the corner.

Enduring ball force to be reckoned with NBA 2K23 released its 4.0 fix notes for new age and more established consoles in anticipation of the game's impending Season 4 release on January 13. Engineer Visual Ideas and distributer 2K Games keep on zeroing in on improving ongoing interaction, fixing portions of the MyNBA and MyTEAM game modes, and will add another game mode to NBA 2K23 for new age consoles in Season 4.

The 24th portion of the NBA 2K establishment was released in September 2022 and highlighted another mode to send clients back so as to play or run an establishment in the verifiable early long periods of the '80s, '90s, and 2000s. The MyNBA Periods mode permitted players and fans to play as or assume command over a portion of their #1 resigned players and groups and even change history by rejecting groups changing urban communities or drafting players in various spots, for example, having the option to take Micheal Jordan in front of Sam Bowie or Akeem Olajuwon in the stacked 1984 draft. Tragically, the Periods mode is simply accessible to PS5 and Xbox Series X clients in NBA 2K23.

The 4.0 fix notes address a greater part of the game modes, including MyTeam and MyNBA, as well as reporting the new Periods Speedy Play game mode that will permit players to encounter completely introduced verifiable matchups in Season 4 rapidly. NBA 2K23 recorded dependability fixes and enhancements to online play, different activities that would make the game hang or become lethargic, and decreased on-ball take adequacy in specific explicit circumstances in the fix notes too. The new age fix likewise incorporates updates to current and memorable players' looks, some particular tattoo changes, and dynamic hair updates for Duane Washington and Keon Ellis.

The ongoing age fix notes list large numbers of similar changes as the new gen, while likewise posting a couple of fixes to 2K23's Local mode and different graphical updates to the Jordan Challenge. Upon the following program update, the progressions will incorporate the Weave Lanier "16" stripe uniform for the Detroit Cylinders also for all adaptations.

However discussion actually follows the different 2K Games establishments with each new release, being the main NBA-authorized game actually permits it extraordinary space in its navigation. This may be the reason, despite the fact that this most recent variant is making a ton of players cry foul with its inordinate microtransactions, the game keeps on being a stunningly fruitful cash cow for the 2K Games name. Choosing to part ongoing interaction highlights between two unique ages of control center isn't new, however it can positively exasperate up a player base that might be feeling marginally irritated at a game's value-based appearing nature as of now. While Season 4 carries no progressions to those angles, it keeps on further developing its interactivity and special visualizations with each season on all stages.

NBA 2K23 variant 4.0 fix notes


Arrangements for NBA 2K23 Season 4, sending off this Friday, January thirteenth, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Remain tuned for what we have available!

Another game mode, Periods Speedy Play, will send off close by Season 4 this Friday. This new mode is open from the Play Now menu and permits you to encounter fast play notable matchups with full show channels/overlays from any of our upheld Times.

Settled an uncommon disengage that could happen in Play Now Web based games while flipping camera settings

The Bounce Lanier "16" stripe has been added to the Detroit Cylinders outfits (accessible in the following program update)

Fixed a few visual issues with the City courts for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spikes

The accompanying players have had general resemblance updates or changes made:


James Bouknight (tattoo update)

Oshae Brissett (tattoo update)

Clint Capela

Jordan Clarkson

Mike Conley

Torrey Craig (tattoo update)

Anthony Davis

DeMar DeRozan (tattoo update)

Keon Ellis (dynamic hair update)

Paul George

Aaron Gordon

Brandon Ingram

Josh Jackson

Derrick Jones Jr. (tattoo update)

Kai Jones

Kyle Kuzma (tattoo update)

Damian Lillard (tattoo update)

Nassir Little (tattoo update)

JaVale McGee

Kristaps Porzingis

Julius Randle

Austin Reaves

Terry Rozier

Domantas Sabonis

Ben Simmons (tattoo update)

Jayson Tatum (tattoo update)

Duane Washington (dynamic hair update)

Jaylin Williams (tattoo update)

The accompanying memorable players have gotten new or updated shapes:

Winston Bennett

Michael Curry

Greg Cultivate

George Gervin

Eddie Jones

Jason Kidd

Greg Kite

Milt Palacio

Blair Rasmussen

Brian Scalabrine

Ongoing interaction

Diminished on-ball take viability while arriving at across the ball overseer's body and from behind

Medium Anklebreaker responses have been eliminated from Triple Danger moves

Fixed an intriguing issue that would make the player go underneath the floor on the off chance that a screen wipe showed up while he was playing out a client controlled edge hang


Tended to zoom and camera center issues in Triple Danger Web based games

Fixed an issue with pictures not stacking for Uniform Cards in Choice Packs

Arrangement rules will currently disregard helped Dynamic Couple jewel tones for player cards


Proceeded with steadiness fixes and enhancements have been made for MyNBA, MyNBA On the web, and The W

Tended to a hang in MyNBA that could happen while going into the Exchange Locater menu

Season grants in MyNBA can now be superseded with players at positions not the same as the underlying champ

Settled an uncommon hang in MyNBA that could happen while recreating through the season with an exceptionally redone association

Shoes in The W that don't match MyPLAYER's marked image can now be prepared in the Road look.

CURRENT GEN Fix UPDATE 4.0 - 1.9.23


Arrangements for NBA 2K23 Season 4, sending off this Friday, January thirteenth, at 8AM PT/11AM ET/4PM BST. Remain tuned for what we have available!

The Weave Lanier "16" stripe has been added to the Detroit Cylinders regalia (accessible in the following program update)

Players will presently be shown true to form while survey a companion's Storage space in Play Now On the web

Seats will currently appropriately show up in storage space cut scenes during Fast Mess around

Different upgrades have been made all through the game while communicating with menus utilizing a mouse

The accompanying players have had general similarity updates or changes made:

Toni Kukoc


Decreased on-ball take adequacy while arriving at across the ball overseer's body and from behind

Added more ball/edge communication assortment on made shots as opposed to all washes

Fixed an issue where the Posterizer and Ascend identifications wouldn't be shown as expected in-game


Fixed an interesting issue where the Canal court floor could change while moving the camera

While occasions are running, the Deuces courts ought to now have appropriate lighting around evening time

Settled a visual issue that could happen while exploring through your Mission diary


The Following Identification Update menu that is shown at half-time ought to now appropriately show the following overhaul you are nearest to procuring

Settled an issue where players could end on a clear page while endeavoring to alter a formerly saved hop shot in the Leap Shot Maker

Fixed an issue where the group logo wouldn't show on the My Matchup menu


Tended to zoom and camera center issues in Triple Danger Web based games

Fixed an issue with pictures not stacking for Uniform Cards in Choice Packs

Setup rules will currently disregard supported Powerful Pair jewel tones for player cards


Numerous graphical updates have been made to work on generally visual devotion with the time span for explicit games

Different visual and lighting fixes have been made for the "Father's Day Triumph" game

Chris Mullin and Wayman Tisdale will presently accurately show up in warm-ups during the "Got Straightaway" game


Settled an issue with specific MyLEAGUE settings not being saved accurately.

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