​NBA 2K23: 5 Best Three-Point Shooters

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Throughout recent years, we've seen three-point shooting become a vital piece of the NBA. 2K Games' yearly b-ball sim NBA 2K has pursued a comparable direction with shooting past the circular segment going from a troublesome specialty to a center piece of the game consistently. Given its developing significance, it is dependably ideal to take a look at the best three-point shooters in each game, and NBA 2K23 is the same.

It is particularly vital to get solid floor-spacers in the most recent version of NBA 2K as the leap shot has been revamped to make it very challenging to thump down shots with any consistency. Consequently, we've assembled this rundown of the five best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 Best Three-Point Scorers

1. Steph Curry

3PT Rating: 99

Group: Golden State Warriors

There could be no more excellent player to start off this rundown than the one who changed b-ball for eternity. Curry, alongside the Golden State Warriors, is a tremendous justification for the development in prominence of the three-point shot in the previous ten years. Thusly, he is compensated with the most elevated conceivable rating in the game and comes furnished with an entire host of shooting identifications that ought to make them channel pails throughout the entire game.

2. Derrick Walton Jr.

3PT Rating: 89

Group: Free Agent

In the event that you're scratching your head perusing the name Derrick Walton Jr. then dread not on the grounds that you're in good company. Notwithstanding having the second-most noteworthy external scoring rating in the whole game, Walton is a free agent who has seldom played in the NBA. Why would that be, you might inquire? Indeed, he's not truly adept at whatever else. His general rating in NBA 2K23 is only 69 with his protecting and inside scoring being outstanding liabilities. In any case, he merits a spot on this rundown.

3. Desmond Blight

3PT Rating: 88

Group: Memphis Grizzlies

Blight is the ideal number 2 choice to Ja Morant in Memphis because of his great scoring proficiency. In spite of being in the association for only two years, the 30th pick in his draft class has set up a good foundation for himself as one of the association's tip top shooters. Curse's overall game areas of strength for is, makes him the ideal thump down shooter to add to your group.

4. Luke Kennard

3PT Rating: 88

Group: LA Clippers

The Duke item came into the association as a shooting subject matter expert and has just developed that standing during his vocation. Last season, he shot an inconceivable 0.449% from past the bend and has been compensated with a three-point rating of 88. He is a prototypical shooter who, in our experience, has an extremely simple leap shot to dominate.

5. Klay Thompson

3PT Rating: 88

Group: Golden State Warriors

No rundown of the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K23 could be finished without the second individual from the Sprinkle Brothers. Curry's sidekick Thompson has been dialed back because of wounds lately, however he stays perhaps of the most grounded shooter in all of ball. Like his partner, he has an entire host of shooting identifications that make him a lock to score from range.

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