NBA 2K22 Ghostly Gallows: Celebrate Halloween with Double XP

Oct-29-2021 Categories: nba 2k22

It’s the scary start to season 2 of NBA 2K22, and players are ready for the Cancha del Mar season. Ghostly Gallows is an event underway right now, and current players have a chance to win Double XP and other prizes this week. The next generation of players will host a separate event in the city. Let’s see what we can expect from the latest NBA 2K22 event.

NBA 2K22 Ghostly Gallows in the current generation

For the current generation of players, this is the perfect opportunity to earn double XP throughout the week. Since season 2 has just begun, you have the chance to reach level 40. You can earn double points in a couple of ways and make this experience fun for everyone! Let’s see what you need to do to start earning Double XP in Cancha Del Mar this week.

What decks to play with Double XP

One of the first ways you can start earning double your XP in NBA 2K22 is to play Cancha del Mar on decks 15 and 16. If you have trouble accessing the elevators or getting a server error code, check the cause of the problem here. On the 15th floor, 2v2 and 3v3 games await you, and you can cheat or face Deck 16 to get the chance to get extra prizes and prizes in NBA 2K22.

Dress up for Halloween

Another way to get more experience points and rewards in NBA 2K22 is to throw your Halloween treats all week. This covers current and next generation players in NBA 2K22, the only difference being that next generation users do it in The City. If you’re having trouble finding clothes, you can head to an affiliate store where they should have Halloween-themed clothes. If not, head to Cancha Del Mar for some pop-up shops and see what’s for sale. You are sure to find something.

NBA 2K22 Ghostly Gallows expiration date

Even if you can’t jump into action until after Halloween, you can still earn double points. This is great news for players who may not have time this weekend. 28.10.-4.11. Double XP Week in NBA 2K22 is available and the criteria remain the same. The only difference is that the trick or care side assignments may not be available after Sunday, October 31st. We will keep you updated on any additions or bonuses.

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