"NBA 2K" quarterly revenue of $300 million, a great commercial success

Aug-13-2019 Categories: nba 2k20

Introduce some new information about NBA 2K20, which is expected to be launched on September 6. As the latest work of the new year game "NBA 2K", I don't know if you don't expect it?

Recently, "NBA 2K" series game maker Take-Two said at the relevant meeting: "NBA 2K19" sales exceeded 12 million sets, setting the "NBA 2K" series sales record! In-app purchases in NBA 2K19 accounted for 58% of Take-Two's net income this quarter, reaching $313.5 million.

Seeing the ubiquitous recharge point in "NBA 2K19", it is reminiscent of other recharge games. It seems that the games that the world is tempted to consume by players are similar! Although NBA 2K19 has been criticized for its numerous recharges and previous forced player advertising, NBA 2K19 is very "successful" in business. Take-Two is also very satisfied.

Take-Two said: The “recurring consumption” project, which represents repeat consumption of players, has a growth rate of 140%. Let "NBA 2K19" become the most profitable game of Take-Two this season, completely crushing other popular games, such as "GTA5" and "Red Dead Redemption 2". To know that the performance of "GTA5" is already very powerful, it is still better than "NBA 2K19".

Take-Two executive Karl Slatoff said: "The more players put into the game, the more money they will spend on the game. There is still a lot of potential to develop. We are still in the early stages of exploring how to make better money." In other words, in NBA 2K19, a recharge is not enough for the player to play the game smoothly, and players gradually find that they must constantly recharge to maintain a pleasant game experience.

In addition, hidden in the commercial success of "NBA 2K19" is the dissatisfaction of a large number of players. The Steam rating of "NBA 2K19" has been falling from the beginning of the sale, and now the overall negative rating has exceeded twice the positive rating. Moreover, the quality of 2K MT online servers has also been criticized. Not only do players often encounter disconnection, Lag, etc., but also online hangs, like a fairy fight.

Although "NBA 2K19" is very successful in business, players have gradually realized the so-called recharge routine. Therefore, as the latest work "NBA 2K20" of the new year game "NBA 2K", I don't know if you don't expect it?