"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" - the perfect addon for monster hunters?

Jan-15-2020 Categories: news

Sharpen your weapons: In "Monster Hunter: Iceborne", Monsterjger expects a gigantic addon. Bigger, faster, further - but also better at the same time? We reveal it in the test!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - What to Expect | Content and mechanics

Even those responsible at Capcom would not have expected such a successful restart for the iconic "Monster Hunter" franchise: But "Monster Hunter World" has delighted both old and new monster hunters since its release in January 2018. Capcom wants to continue on the path it has chosen with the brand new add-on "Iceborne": But the gigantic expansion for the main game is not a simple add-on, but almost an independent continuation of the "Monster Hunter World" saga. This is also because "Iceborne" not only introduces a brand new area, but also the master rank, many new monsters and weapon upgrades as well as a completely new storyline.

The most obvious innovation is of course the new area: the Raufreif level. In this wintry landscape, hunters move through thick snow or on frozen lakes in search of new adversaries. In the largest region to date, which can be found in the “Monster Hunter World” universe, there are of course lots of small and large adversaries and a living ecosystem. This, by the way, confuses the eldest dragon, Velkhana, when he suddenly stops at the hoar frost level. As a hardworking monster hunter, we try to get to the bottom of the strange events associated with his arrival in the almost 40-60 hour campaign.

With the arrival of Velkhana, "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" also introduces the master rank, in which of course more powerful monsters than ever before await the player. Over two dozen new opponents are waiting to be defeated by players, including both brand new creations like the gigantic Wyvern Banbaro and variations on existing monsters that are released with new properties and attacks on the players. In order to bring the mighty prehistoric creatures to their knees, there are not only new extensions to the previous types of weapons, but also the powerful clamp claw, with which we can attach ourselves directly to the monsters and thus exploit their weaknesses mercilessly.

The positive

For a simple add-on, "Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne" simply has a lot of content: It starts with the chic Raufreif level, in whose fulminating ice landscapes or knee-deep powder we just love to go stalking. In general, "Iceborne" feels very familiar and familiar from the handling, the general look and the gameplay, but the new monster types and the generally increased level of difficulty ensure a lot of variety.

The new clamp claw is also a damn cool feature that players have been waiting for and has massively changed the dynamics of the clashes with the giant critters. As with "Monster Hunter World", the mixture of clever preparation and the action-packed and unpredictable encounters in the world of "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" ensures a lot of fun. The perfect preparation is also made possible by the new player hub Seliana, which is significantly more compact and concentrated than in the main game in Astera. And with all sensible playful innovations, the winter landscape in "Monster Hunter Word: Iceborne" simply looks spectacularly good.

The negative

Basically not a negative point, but here again the important note for "Monster Hunter" newbies: You can only enter the new areas in the hoar frost level with hunter rank 16, which makes sense, however, because the brand new campaign is finally complete in the master rank. Basically, "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" is more of the tried and tested - for good and for bad. Though the addon introduces over two dozen new monsters, most of it is just a subspecies or variation of existing monsters. And for experienced hunters, even the championship rank should offer little real challenges thanks to the clamp claw. We also noticed a few graphic bugs and minor bugs when playing "Iceborne".

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Is It Worth It? | Conclusion

"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" is actually an almost perfect add-on to an already great main game. Monster hunters can look forward to tons of new tasks and monsters that are almost the same size as the main game. But Capcom also implements useful new features and a really chic new area with the hoarfrost level. For "Monster Hunter World" fans and newcomers, "Iceborne" is an absolute must. What do you think about this game? Welcome to leave a message!