MLB The Show 19: plan to release new details every week until The release date

Feb-10-2019 Categories: MLB

MLB 19 The Show will be released on PlayStation on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. That means baseball video games will continue to be played on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One consoles, and owners will continue to play baseball without major MLB licenses.

MLB The Show revealed its long-awaited 2019 trailer last week. Tells the story of an Easter egg video, pointing out a few things that many players may have missed. While they do reveal some legends and some new features, there's a lot more to come. Next up, MLB The Show 19 GameStop schedule! Reveal more about the game each week before its release.

GameStop schedule

MLB The Show 19 GameStop schedule has been finalized. These tips and messages will start on February 11 and continue until March 20 - six days before the start of the game. While each update undoubtedly brings good information and hidden gems, some dates look more appealing to the game than others.

Key date

On February 14th it looks like it will focus on improved defences and improvements to the 2019 version. Emphasis will be placed on batting and pitching attributes, PCI accuracy, flags, etc.

On February 21, the theme will focus on playable training and personal growth and relationships.

On February 28th it will focus on a new game mode called moment. Multiple lineups, conquering challenges and improving quality of life are just a few of the themes covered by the plan.

March 7 will also include a new game mode called march to October. Review improvements, broadcasters and franchise model updates. The MLB The Show development championship is on March 20.

In The coming days, fans of The Show have at least a lot to look forward to, but most importantly, they can't wait for March 26!