MLB The Show 19: How to Get Stubs Easily

Apr-01-2019 Categories: MLB The Show

Welcome back to another year of The Diamond Dynasty and MLB The Show 19. If you're here, you're probably not familiar with this pattern, maybe it's a series, or you're just having a hard time getting the CARDS you want. Here are some tips on how to get stubs quickly and easily in MLB Show 19.

Step 1: Do all the simple challenges

For starters, the first thing we recommend is to do all the simple challenges that will reward your Stubs efforts.

At MLB The Show 19, we now have The luxury of Moments. The moment is a great addition to the diamond dynasty, which adds a series of history-themed challenges that will reward you with Stubs, EXP (which will now earn your rewards), and ultimately high praise CARDS (which should be your ultimate goal anyway, Stubs are just a means to an end). If you really want the ultimate rewards card, go for it anyway, it may not be the easiest way to get Stubs.

For a specific team, for every 10 unique CARDS, you'll get 200 Stubs and some exps to see which are worth selling on the community board, which might be worth moving into your Live series, and get your team moving.

Finally, go to the current features and see what challenges you can take. Like Moments, some of them reward you with simple Stubs and XP, which you can do by playing games.

Step 2: Don't buy the packs

It's hard for many of you to understand, but if you're one of those people trying to delve into The diamond dynasty on MLB The Show 19, it's important that you listen to us. Don't buy the packs, and don't spend all your hard-earned Stubs on the bag just to get nothing in return, only lousy silver or bronze. Not likely.

If you want to get a packet, go and play Battle Royale. You can at least get extra diamonds by running away.

Step 3: Become best friends with the community marketing committee

Find deals in the market and develop it by flipping CARDS to get a higher price at a lower price. This is still a good way to get Stubs on MLB The Show 19.

Be very patient. Never buy right away, always use a buy order, and then use a sell order to sell your card at a price you know you will profit from, thus taking advantage of an impatient person. Also, don't buy CARDS that have no reason to be hyped, and use the extra cash to buy equally good CARDS. That's how wily and patient players build their teams without spending a dime of cash.

Step 4: Look for potential player CARDS

In addition to doing your best in the game market, you can use your knowledge of real MLB forecasting market changes to create long-term stubs. It's kind of like the stock market. Look for potential player CARDS, and when they go from gold to diamond, silver to gold, etc., they usually get a big boost from Stubs in the community market. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

This actually requires attention to MLB to achieve. If you wait until everyone else does, you're already too late. But if you can keep up with The league and stay ahead of The crowd in MLB The Show 19, then you can swim with a bunch of sharks on board.

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