Microsoft hires the environmental artist of God of War

Jan-08-2020 Categories: news

The future for the Microsoft games division is increasingly promising, with its new exclusive studios preparing titles for the new console and multiple new fronts such as The Initiative, the matter seems to take flight and more when we learn so much about star hires.

The world of video games is not like that of sports, the closest we have to a star footballer is Hideo Kojima, but even he does not have the viral power of other disciplines. That is why the new hires by Microsoft can go unnoticed but it is as if a player left his team to go to the maximum rival.

Environmental designer

The developer of today is Erik Jakosen, one of the environmental artists of God of War, the game of the year for many in 2018 and one of the best PlayStation 4 titles. Jakosen will now be the chief environment designer of The Initiative and will will unite a "team" of stars that Microsoft has been gathering for at least a couple of years.

In this study we also find Christian Cantamessa, screenwriter and designer of Red Dead Redemption, Brian Westergaard, producer of precisely God of War and Chris O'Neill, who also worked on the title. Victoria Miller of PlayStation is also part of the studio, along with Drew Murray, creator of Sunset Overdrive. We do not doubt that there is more talent in the study, but surely these are the best known.

The Initiative promises a very ambitious game for 2020, with this study Microsoft would be “inventing” the AAAA game, the developers have all the necessary resources to make a title for the new Xbox, so maybe this is the project to be more pending if you are a fan of the Microsoft console or have a PC.

We will know more about this game in the new year according to Matt Booty, director of Microsoft Studios.