​Madden NFL Franchise Mode

Dec-27-2021 Categories: Madden 22

I'm a daily existence time fanatic of the Madden NFL establishment mode and have been absolutely disillusioned without fail since around 2014-15. The mode is truly basic and doesn't need significant changes from one year to another.

Notwithstanding, the devs have figured out how to make this mode practically unplayable and the pitiful truth is they dont care since establishment mode doesn't acquire additional income like Ultimate Team does.

Not also notice the servers for madden are totally waste and get booted back to primary menu something like 30 minutes into an establishment. Its sufficiently extreme playing this mode with by a wide margin the most exceedingly terrible sim motor these devs have at any point concocted, however presently you can just play possibly an hour probably (in the event that you're fortunate) prior to reloading the saved game.

The server issue is a self-evident and simple fix... assuming they really minded that is. The main problem with establishment is the unfortunate sim motor. I simply need to assemble a group and reproduce games and have results that to some degree check out.


I began an establishment with the Detroit Lions on Madden 22. Our first year, clearly awful group, even exchanged a few starters away for draft picks, reenacting put my group 8-9. I was expecting a 0-17 - - 4-13 sort of year as the most noticeably awful group in the association. My group was a 78 in general and taking down 83 by and large groups 34-17. Presently Ive taken this group numerous years and have constructed an exceptionally solid group through the draft. Its year 2027 and my group is 93 by and large. I'm right now 3-8 with recreating, lost to a 81 in general titans 47-3... Wounds are on however had no wounds that game. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me since it has turned into a total exercise in futility. Assuming need any kind of authenticity in this mode, I need to physically do everything, including playing each game. In any case, on the off chance that you're understanding this, Im sure you realize how rubbish the ongoing interaction is so I wont burn through anyones time looking at something everybody knows.

Message to EA:

A debt of gratitude is in order for demolishing a mode large numbers of your fans love and appreciate. A debt of gratitude is in order for not thinking often about anything your game offers that does exclude from game buys. I dont play Ultimate group and I won't ever will. Try not to constrain it down our throats by making the remainder of the game total crap. Glance back at the more established forms of madden and bring those establishment modes back... like Madden 10. furthermore fucking let it be and refresh lists.

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