​Lost Ark: Sorc is my main

May-31-2022 Categories: Lost Ark

I run a sorc as my main with Gs is my second main. I'd like to correct your thinking...

Firstof all, I prefer playing sorc than Gs (obviously) because sorc is my maingame and even though I have lesser muscular memory do not think GS is any more difficult than sorc. I don't know the source of this notion about the sorc being easy to play from, or that GS is difficult. Perhaps, what is the reason for this is that sorc has more dmgand causing hatred, which I can't admit, GS is not well the hood. However, Ingiter sorc is just as difficult than Peacemaker GS If you're looking to evaluate reflux, look at the time taken to hunt. If you want to believe me. Just create an alt sorc, and try to catch an asteroid, and if you fail 30 percent of your DMG is gone. You can then complain about the focused shots locking animation. I could go on and on about this, but I'll stick to the next suggestion.

It is likely that you can't dispute this since it's proved by math that you are exceeding your crits, by a significant amount.

1500 Crit = 53,68 percent

Pacemaker = 15 percent

Your own synergy equals 10 percent

Shotgun tripod = 10%

Adrenalin1 = 5%

Lost wind cliff is 7 7.7% (you ought to be aware of this prior to bringing a complaint about dmg on forums)

Argos set = 15-25%


Summ = 115.68 % - 125 % crit

I'd bet that the 1.5 mill DPS sorc could do the basics of math and not toss out 600 worth of stats,

And even when you have a sharp blunt at or above 90 percent, decreasing return on crit means it's not the most effective.

First, fix this, because it is what you control and we are able to be hopeful for a boost on GS.

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