​Lost ark after 4 months

It's hard to believe that it's already been four months since the publication of Lost Ark. Many of us have experienced the same experience.

It's as if recently I was scouring the various founders packs, and finally deciding to choose the least expensive option. I had no idea I'd be able to worked as long as I did (920). My friends who began playing with me, have dropped out of the game, but it hasn't stopped me from playing.

I think that a lot of it is because the community. There are times when we don't meet and view the same thing, yet at the conclusion the day, lots of us share similar aspirations and goals.

Prior to this game, I did not really join Reddit until now, and I am enjoying coming here to cheer on each other's accomplishments, as well as empathizing with players ' struggles.

I've learned lots of valuable things here and have had the pleasure of meeting many helpful people.

The game hasn't always been flawless however this is the one we've decided to play. It's easy to be negative and seem corny, but let's take a moment to look back and consider how we've been.

I'm sure you're happy with your progress. We have a lot left to do!

As with most items in our lives, this one is an event that is not an easy sprint. You don't have to go by ourselves, so let's run together , and enjoy the celebration at the finishing line.

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