How To Quickly Upgrade To Level 40 In NBA 2K22

Oct-04-2021 Categories: nba 2k22

As the days count down to the end of the first season of NBA 2K22: Call to Ball, many players are wondering if there is still enough time to reach the coveted Level 40 in MyCareer.

For those interested in getting into a grind, here are details on how to level up efficiently and quickly in NBA 2K22 MyCareer.

In NBA 2K22, the content season system, often seen in titles like Fortnite and Warzone, made its way into the virtual basketball world.

As such, to achieve Legend status this year, in addition to earning one of the limited-time rewards included in the Season 1 Battle Pass (such as a Level 40 Go-Kart), players are invited to participate in games in the city, complete missions and participate in events to earn XP and reach level 40.

So far in NBA 2K22, the debate about how long it takes to reach level 40 has been a controversial topic in the community. While those who play the game regularly argue that it is too easy to repeat and that higher-level rewards can only be achieved by a select few, others argue that everyone should have a good chance of earning all limited-time rewards without having to play. "24 /7".

In the end, to quickly level up in NBA 2K22 MyCareer, the most popular way to win games in Rec was while setting good scores for your teammates.

While playing in Rec's single queue of games is something I'm sure many realize is a mixed bag - your random teammates can range from dedicated defenders to toxic responsibilities - if you can have a team of five who know what they're doing, you have to Settle down is a cinch.

Another way to level up quickly is to perform well in every Double XP event like 2K Day.

And of course, playing park games on your next-gen affiliation and using double XP coins will also give you an extra boost.