How To Buy Rs Gold Safely?

Dec-05-2021 Categories: runescape

If you decide to buy Runescape gold, this article will provide you with the best knowledge on the web. Consider this between the buyer’s advice and the market overview, so by reading these facts and tips, any Runescape player can go back to their usual errands smarter and better prepare for the purchase of RS gold.

Don't believe in rough miracle deals anyway

RS gold is a currency in the Runescape game! Whether you are a novice or a veteran of the game, one thing cannot be denied: gold is extremely precious in the game. Because certain skills, such as construction and prayer, require hundreds of millions of OSRS gold to fully train to level 99. In addition, you can also look forward to top meta items (the best equipment in the game), such as twisted bows and arrows, worth more than 1 billion gold coins!

So any player in the game, there will be a period of time he or she will think: "Damn, I need more gold coins, the current number can not reduce it...". What do those people do? They choose to buy RS3 or OSRS GP from someone willing to sell. This is a great way to keep the player community active, but it also brings some dangers, to say the least... Scammers, fraudsters, and dishonest people want to benefit from your needs and want to pass the real world Of cash profit. For example, offering extremely low prices, there are too many scams, it is impossible to describe every possible transaction, but in short-if, it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Stay away from rough or unknown websites as much as possible, and never provide them with your account information. no way!

Find SSL certificates, feedback, and verified payment methods

If you decide to buy from a specific RS gold online site, look for its SSL certificate badge near the address tab. This badge is the first sign you embark on a safe purchase. Next, let's see if there is any feedback from the sellers of OSRS GP or RS3 gold. This is usually to increase trust and show reliability. If it has a lot of input and looks real or better—a link that gives real feedback on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere—the green light is almost on. The last step should be to analyze the available authenticated payment methods. If there are at least a few-you can proceed.

Identity verification-only in rare cases

Now when I think about buying Runescape Membership directly, do I need identity verification? Do not. There is no need to do this when buying gold. However, the seller needs to receive some identification (mainly on PayPal) to prove that the goods purchased were not made from a stolen account. Of course, identity verification is good for security, and it is almost thought that it shouldn’t be mandatory.

Hidden fees

Once you open the OSRS GP or RS3 GP sales website, the first thing that attracts your attention is usually the price. However, the prices listed do not always indicate how much you will pay. Hidden fees mean that the price will increase after the checkout begins. These may include processing fees, delivery fees, service fees, etc. If the seller is decent, the website should provide accurate information about additional taxes. This is when you sometimes (usually) end up with a higher initial price (no hidden fees) and eventually a lower initial price (+ hidden fees) cheaper.

Sites like RSorder have no hidden fees and immediately display the final price of your purchase. Feedback and verification are also visible, so it ticked all the boxes for reliable and trustworthy services.

Probability of being banned

Now, this is tricky, because when gold is tracked, the ban usually occurs sometime after the purchase. The gold that attracts mods and Jagex the most is gold with a dark origin. In most cases, your sellers do not know the accuracy of the gold they sell (because they have many suppliers), but they must and should ensure that the gold is handmade. Otherwise, you may be banned.