​How do people get from 1340-1370 so fast

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What is the fastest way to get around this stuff? I'm 1355 and am out of gold and mats. Do I really have to be here to the end of another month? I've only gotten one alt in Tier 3 and it's not making plenty of bread.

How do you all get to 1370 in a hurry? It's a crushing experience for me. I was considering it was possible to get a bard involved in the Valtan raids, but after considering the length my main character time is, I'm sure it won't be a reality.

First character will be available to 1385 Stronghold research

-- Park alt(s) around 1340

Farm Lots of Bounded Jumpstones (numerous ways to accomplish this)

Buy mats to use at the shop at the event

- Buy all leapstones that are unbounded to Guardians for gold

Hone prior to the expiration of books (usually at the conclusion of the event)

Moving alts to 1370 has been feasible due to event shops (current and previous) that provide books and other materials. The only gold you'd lose is through the fusion and honing materials that you could sell your mats should you need to.

The ability to boost an alt's value to 1370 quick is not feasible without gold and the necessary resources. If you're looking to get an alt up to 1370 in the most cost-effective and efficient way and you are in the middle, this is the way to do, and it could take several weeks.

In essence you're able to tell that the Bard does not hit 1415/1445 as quickly as you would like unless buffs to honing occur or you have an overwhelming amount of materials and lost ark gold.