​Gunlancer construct kinds in Lost Ark

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Hey all. Having a touch problem wrapping my head round how matters paintings right here lol.

I play a Gunlancer, and I need to maximise my harm output, i am presently gambling fight readiness for a chunk greater tankiness, however wouldn't it not be higher the usage of the alternative engraving for greater harm? How tons tankiness do I omit out on via way of means of swapping to Lone Knight, and is the harm growth (if any) really well worth the exchange off?

Gunlancer important right here (additionally my 2nd alt). Blue is tons greater pleasant for a beginner, however additionally barely hinders your gaining knowledge of manner considering that you may tank thru all of the knock ups with a complete uptime defend. Your defend as a purple depletes very rapid, it’s surely handiest supposed to be grew to become on for push immunity throughout your burst or to prevent in emergencies.

Even so gunlancers are nonetheless the tangiest dos elegance with out their defend. As a few humans have stated gunlancers are close to the lowest if now no longer the lowest location in phrases of dps ceiling, no matter purple or blue.

But the truth of it's far that almost all of gamers are gambling no in which close to that ceiling.

In the fingers of a mean or new participant, blue will appreciably outperform purple, you don’t ought to fear approximately head assaults or approximately getting hit. But at excessive degree play, purple outperforms blue particularly so given how raids are designed to choose burst play styles (counters/staggers/guide buffs/atropines). But which will carry out properly with purple lancer, you clearly want to hit your head assaults with all of your buffs active.

Miss your bash? That’s 40% dmg gone. Don’t hit a head assault? Over 50% dmg gone. The simple rotation is clean, shout bash then your  important talent, the difficult component is withinside the execution and understanding which styles will come up with the maximum probability of unloading all of your head assaults. At even better degree play, you need to time your burst round your celebration mates, particularly if there’s a deathblade, to get that juicy synergy.

I expect you’re incredibly new. My recommendation is to keep gambling blue gunlancer whilst you examine the boss styles of the raids, whilst slowly gathering tripods and equipment on your purple construct.

Between deciding on purple or blue gunlancer, in the end comes right all the way down to the playstyle. If you’re chasing pinnacle dps, choose some other elegance. Gunlancer will in no way be a pinnacle dps given its software and double synergy.

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