Guide to Throne and Liberty: Skill, Weapon Upgrades

Welcome to our Throne and Liberty guide! Today, we have a lot to discuss about the release of Throne and Liberty. This guide will take you through the skill and weapon upgrade system, upgrade transfer, and crafting system that were recently detailed on the Throne and Liberty official channel. Of course, if you are bored with the long process of collecting materials in the game, don't worry, the MMOexp platform provides Throne and Liberty Lucent to help players quickly get the materials they need.

Guide to Throne and Liberty: Skill, Weapon Upgrades

Character Progression and Skill Enhancements

Character progression is central to any MMORPG, and Throne and Liberty excels in this aspect. One unique feature is the removal of the failure rate in the upgrade process, which means your upgrades will always progress, reducing frustration and enhancing the gameplay experience.

Skill Upgrades

All skills start with a basic grade that can be upgraded, indicated by a hexagon at the bottom right corner of each skill icon. Upgrading skills provides additional special effects. Here’s how you can upgrade your skills:

1. Skill Enhancement Books: You need enhancement books of the same grade and weapon type. Note that active and passive skills require different books.

2. Upgrade Process: Open the skill upgrade window to see what items are needed. Each skill upgrade has five levels. Reaching the sixth level will elevate the skill to a higher grade at level one.

3. Probability of Success: While upgrades never fail, the amount of enhancement per attempt varies. You can check the probability details by clicking the question mark in the upgrade window.

Equipment Enhancements

Equipment upgrades follow a similar system to skills. Each item has its own grade, and the maximum level of improvement depends on this grade:

· Common: Max level 3

· Uncommon: Max level 6

· Rare: Max level 9

· Epic: Max level 12

How to Upgrade Equipment

1. Open the Equipment Upgrade Window: Select the item and click the upgrade button.

2. Materials Needed: You’ll need growth stones of the appropriate grade. You can combine lower-grade stones to create higher-grade ones, and disassemble higher-grade stones to obtain lower-grade ones.

Upgrade Transfer

One of the standout features in Throne and Liberty is the ability to transfer upgrade levels from one piece of equipment to another. This system saves time and reduces frustration when changing equipment.

How to Transfer Upgrades

1. Select Items: Open the upgrade transfer window. Choose the item to receive the upgrades and the item to donate the upgrades.

2. Transfer Mechanics: The transfer percentage depends on the grade and level of both items. If both items are of the same grade, the upgrade level remains the same. Different grades will result in a converted and applied improvement value.

Crafting System

Creating your own equipment is a significant aspect of Throne and Liberty. Here’s a breakdown of how to craft items:

1. Gather Materials: Follow the recipe to gather required materials. Use the map icon next to the recipe to find the appropriate NPC.

2. Material Information: Click on the information icon in the recipe to get details about where to find each material.

Equipment Collection Book

If you have duplicate or unused equipment, don’t discard them. Register them in the equipment collection book to complete sets and earn equipment improvement materials as rewards.


Throne and Liberty has introduced a thoughtful and engaging system for skill and equipment upgrades, enhancement transfers, and crafting. These features enhance the gameplay experience by reducing frustration and offering various avenues for character progression.

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