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May-28-2019 Categories: news

A game is not hot, from the game's sales and downloads can be reflected, but depending on whether the game is loved by players, then compare the playback time on the Twitch live platform can be drawn in conclusion. So which game is the most popular now? In the latest week's Twitch live viewing time rankings, the League of Legends successfully pushed the Fortnite to the top, and everyone's favorite PUBG ranked ninth in the list, before the launch of the Apex Legends has disappeared.

The specific list of Twitch live viewing time charts is as follows:

League of Legends - 22.5 million hours

Fortnite - 18.3 million hours

Grand Theft Auto V - 13.5 million hours

Just Chatting - 11.7 million hours

World of Warcraft - 10.1 million hours

Dota2 - 9.1 million hours

Hearthstone - 5.2 million hours

CS:GO - 5 million hours

PUBG - 4 million hours

Overwatch - 3.2 million hours

In second place is Fortune, the overlord of the Twitch platform. Shortly after the launch of the game, PUBG became the most popular game on the platform. Since then, Fortnite has been firmly in the top three of the list, and at the beginning of the year Apex Legends airborne became the champion, Fortnite has suffered a lot, but now, everything is back to normal, Fortnite is still the most popular in the hearts of European and American audiences. Big escape game.

Whenever there is a big escape game launched, there will be many players screaming that PUBG is going to be cold, but this classic that makes players love and hate is killed one after another. PUBG is currently ranked ninth on the list, although there is no small gap with the second-ranked Fortnite, but with the improvement of the electric competition, the player's player base is basically fixed, and has a presence in Asia. Very large player base. From the current point of view, this game is not going to end.

Apex Legends has fallen out of the top ten of the list, and the game has become a big explosion immediately after its quiet release. Players are scrambling to join the battlefield of Apex Legends. The excellent picture and personality play makes many players crazy. Apex Legends launched a short time to register players to break through 10 million, breaking a series of records created by PUBG and Fortnite. Although the game is quite popular, EA does not seem to have invested too much experience, and Apex Legends has not escaped the problems that FPS games will encounter. The game update was too slow, and the attacking force was not strong enough. Soon, the players lost patience and Apex Legends lost its dominant position and was gradually surpassed by Fortnite. Now it has fallen out of the top ten of the list. Before the players vowed to think that Apex Legends will come out, PUBG will be cold, but they did not expect to be killed by PUBG, which makes people feel embarrassed.

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