Final Fantasy XV sales reach 8.9 million

Dec-25-2019 Categories: Final Fantasy

There are always some games that are blessed by IP. Although they are complained by players, they still sell well. For example, "Pokémon Sword and Shield" launched last month. Although many players gave bad reviews, the game still sold 6 million units in the first week! Today I am not talking about the Pokémon series games, but I want to talk about the Final Fantasy series.

"Final Fantasy" is referred to as FF, a role-playing game (RPG) game series developed by SQUARE SOFT, a Japanese game software company at the time in 1987. The latest work in the "Final Fantasy" series is "Final Fantasy XV".

"Final Fantasy XV" was finally released at the end of 2016 after several delays and gameplay modifications. After the listing, many players complained about the game's rhythmic arrangement and poor plot. However, the game's combat, graphics and soundtrack are all good, these still attract a lot of players to start. According to a recent article by analyst "Benji-Sales", the sales of this "food tourism" game has reached 8.9 million, which is astounding!

What level is 8.9 million in the "Final Fantasy" series? Tell everyone: ranked fourth in the series! Third place is Final Fantasy VIII, which sold 9.6 million.

The second place was Final Fantasy X, which sold 11 million. "Final Fantasy X" as the series's first voice-over work, has touched many players, has also become a permanent masterpiece on PS2, the evaluation is very good. And the first one everyone knows is that 13 million copies of "Final Fantasy VII", you can play the remake next year, people look forward to!

"Final Fantasy XV" is selling well due to factors such as new work not yet available, special promotions from time to time, good game graphics and soundtrack. So Benji-Sales also thinks that maybe we can see "Final Fantasy XV" break through 10 million sales next year, becoming the game with the worst evaluation of "Final Fantasy" series players, but it has exceeded 10 million sales.

In fact, "Final Fantasy XV" could have recovered the honor with the completion of DLC, but unfortunately the official cancelled the follow-up original DLC plan. Do you think the experience of "Final Fantasy XV" in the "Final Fantasy" series is the worst? Welcome message here.