"FIFA 21" Review: Realistically Restore Football Experience, AI Players Become Smart

Oct-08-2020 Categories: fifa

How about the quality of the new work in the FIFA series, FIFA 21? Although the time for EA Sports to launch "FIFA 21" has been delayed in the future, they have promised that "FIFA 21" can be upgraded to the next-generation version for free, and they have also added many new elements to the game and built on the basis of offense and defense. Optimization adjustments have been made. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the trial experience of FIFA 21.

EA Sports continues to focus on the optimization of the real football experience this time. Whether it is offensive skills, player awareness, or player positioning and dribbling, the physical effects have been greatly optimized and adjusted. "FIFA 21" allows players to simply use the R1 button to simply use the Agile Dribbling operation, a variety of dazzling dribbling is very enjoyable! The doctor also found that: the players in the game will often use various flowers to stop the ball or control the ball, very real. I have to appreciate the motion capture technology of the game developer, which can restore all the football actions in reality!

Of course, the viewing effect of Agile Dribbling cannot be compared with Skill Moves, but it is easier for new players to learn and master. For old players, there are two methods that can be used flexibly to make opponents undefeated. The display of the above skills is closely related to the player's value. You have to use a tall and bulky guard to Agile Dribbling, and the consequences can be imagined.

Before, when we wanted to do a "two over one" operation in the game, the computer AI sometimes moved out of position not what the player thought, which was very uncomfortable. But in "FIFA 21", this problem has been perfectly solved. Players can manually control the player's position through the Creative Run function. In addition, the player can also press "L1+R1" at the same time to specify to control a certain player after passing the ball, especially for controlling star players to make high-speed breakthroughs, which is very useful! Of course, the above-mentioned operation and timing need to be gradually familiarized by everyone.

Another important feature of "FIFA 21" is that the offensive and defensive awareness of AI players has been comprehensively upgraded. To put it simply, an offensive player with a high "Run" ability will know how to avoid offside traps and can also create opportunities for walking without the ball under tight defense; while a defensive midfielder and defender with a high "Run" ability can be more accurate Judging the timing of the interception, and planning a quick counterattack. When you experience the game, you will find that the players in "FIFA 21" perform more realistically!

In the past, players will criticize the "FIFA" game, often see the chaotic situation of players gathering together. However, in "FIFA 21", the developer specifically designed the Natural Collision System for the game, which can more realistically show the physical interaction of players colliding together. AI players will predict the opponent's path like a real person to prevent unnecessary collisions. For example: We control the players to shovel the opponent, and the opponent players will try to jump and avoid.

The VOLTA street football mode that was added for the first time last year is still the focus of FIFA 21. Because of the addition of Agile Dribbling, we can complete the dizzying experience in streetball mode, allowing novices to quickly have fun in the game. At the same time, "FIFA 21" has added a new FUT Co-op mode to FUT 21, allowing players to easily play with friends!

"FIFA" has always been loved by players for having the most authentic team and player information, but "FIFA 21" will lose the authorization of the two national teams of Portugal and Italy, Serie A's Juventus and Roma. At the same time, the game has added South American Freedom Cup and South American Club Cup events. In addition, the performance of "FIFA 21" on the next-generation console is also expected. If you decide to start with the next-generation console, buyosrs.gold prompts you that "FIFA 21" is still very cost-effective.