FIFA 21 First Update 2021 Brings Some New Changes

Jan-13-2021 Categories: FIFA 21

The new FIFA 21 update - TU # 8 - is available now on PC and coming soon on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. For the first update for 2021, EA made a large number of changes to the gameplay, in addition to many changes and improvements to the various game modes, such as Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

In the Gameplay section, EA has again made adjustments to the Team Press Dashboard tactic, which is still used and abused in the current definition. With an update, the policy now only takes 15 seconds instead of 20 seconds and is no longer effective immediately. Additionally, if the team owns it but loses it after a few moments, it will not remain active. Instead, it will cool.

In addition to the changes made to Team Press's D-Pad Dashboard, EA has also modified the Stepover and Reverse Step Over skill moves, which are also used and abused in the current definition. From now on, they are both no longer considered "easy skill moves" and will therefore be less effective when paired together. Meanwhile, the animations on both have also slowed down to more realistic levels.


 Make the following changes:

    Made several tweaks to the D-Pad tactic to put pressure on the team.

        ●The time that the D-Pad tactic to press Team Push can be active before the cooldown request is requested has been reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

        ●Once requested, it will take 2 seconds for Team Press to take effect.

        ●In situations where the defending team uses Team Press and regains possession, Team Press will not automatically remain active if the next possession is lost.

    Made several tweaks to speed up and reverse skill moves.

        ●Both skill moves are no longer considered easy skill moves and will be less effective when linked together as you move.

        ●Animation slowed down for each of the skill moves.

        ●The player's ground speed is reduced when exiting a forward angle skill move.

The following issues have been resolved:

    ●Sometimes the goalkeeper gets stuck in the grid geometry and is unable to put the ball into play, with the result that matches do not finish within the expected time.

    ●After the defender had positioned himself in front of the ball carrier after a heavy touch, the defender sometimes did not take around the ball.

    ●Improved referee logic for penalty kicks in situations where the goalkeeper dives at the feet of the ball carrier.

    ●Improve the referee's logic when making decisions when dealing with situations outside the penalty area.

    ●When the goalkeeper moved and then stopped during the penalty kick, he could sometimes divert the ball into his own net if he hit it directly.

    ●This does not affect other types of possible anomalies that may occur.

    ●In situations where the ball carrier initiates a shooting animation, but the shot is canceled in time, the defender can sometimes make an unintended blocking move.

For the full update patch notes - including sections related to Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Volta and Pro Clubs - click here.

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