"FF VII" launched a remastered version many years later to keep the player crazy

Jun-23-2019 Categories: Final Fantasy

At the E3 2019 game show, the works that people look forward to are endless. The game video of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" released after the "FF VII" concert and the news that the launch time was March 2020 caused a sensation. With the attention of fans around the world, the video "Final Fantasy VII Remake" has become the most watched series ever! Can't deny that "Final Fantasy VII Remake" can get so much attention, just because it is a remake of Final Fantasy VII! The game "Final Fantasy VII" was launched in 1997. Why is it still crazy for fans around the world today after 22 years?

Amazing 3D game graphics

"Final Fantasy VII" was launched in 1997. As the most classic game of Square, "Fan Fantasy VII" shows the game technology, game creativity, and even in business, culture and other aspects affect Japan and the world. There are many advantages of Final Fantasy VII, but the first one to show off "show off" should be the earliest level 3D game screen! Although I now see the original "three-headed" 3D character feels very "two", but in 1997 was a revolutionary innovation, the contemporary game "several streets"!

"CG Story" with heavy investment

"Final Fantasy VII" invested 30 million US dollars in game development that year, 30 million US dollars is now a relatively large investment, not to mention 22 years ago! Where is the money spent? The specific details are naturally unrecognizable, but the CG in the game is definitely a big money. The design of "CG Storytelling" was unprecedented at the time, which led to a lot of "FF VII" players trying to clear the customs in order to watch the CG story! Not only that, but FF VII has had a huge impact on the games that follow.

Movie-like plot experience

If you want to select the "most classic plot in the history of the game" list, then the heroine "Alice's death" in "Final Fantasy VII" must be selected! Players have found that a game can actually give them the feeling of "heartbreaking". The life and death that are created in the game are very dramatic, such as watching movies! Therefore, Sakaguchi Boss was also referred to as "the best director in the minds of players around the world". Influenced by "Final Fantasy VII", there are quite a few classic plots in the works after the "Final Fantasy" series.

Perfect role

The people in the "Final Fantasy" series have always been in charge of Amano Hiroshi, but because the style of painting is too artistic, 3D is more difficult, so I replaced it with Nomura. Since then, the beauty of Final Fantasy VII has affected the subsequent Japanese games to varying degrees. The people of Final Fantasy VII are not only beautiful but also perfect. For example, Cloud has never been sociable, to slowly discover the contradiction between his identity and the world, and then finally find himself to save the world. Not to mention the heroine!

The above advantages of "Final Fantasy VII" allowed the game to stand up quickly after the game officially landed on the PS. Also because of the high quality of "Final Fantasy VII", let PS become the overlord of the game console, and let Nintendo and Sega enter a period of "sluggish". Some players once said: "If there is no "Final Fantasy", Sega may now be the master of one party."

The reason why "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is so popular is because of the attention of fans around the world. 22 years ago, Japanese manufacturers have not sold many games to Europe and the United States, and Square's first game to Europe is "Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy VII" allows European and American players to experience a never-before seen Wonderful world. For this reason, "Final Fantasy VII" is the world's "Final Fantasy VII"! If you are Final Fantasy game fans, you can buy gil from MMOtank!