Epic buys Rocket League developer directly

May-04-2019 Categories: fortnite

Rocket League, a game that was on Steam's best selling platinum list in both 2017 and 2018, has been a hit! Rocket economic is a by the independent games studio Psyonix development of online games, is SupersonicAcrobatic Rocket - Powered Battle - orthodox sequel of Cars, the organic combination of racing with ball games elements and add more creative, is combined with the characteristics of the car racing and sports competition, and joined the rockets Powered flight, physical effects, such as special dress up unprecedented new elements.

Rocket League won the favor of many players with the above novel gameplay after it was launched on PC platform and PS4 in 2015. Later, it continued to expand its influence on Xbox One platform and Switch platform respectively in 2016 and 2017, and won more than 150 international awards including TGA sports/racing game of the year.

Epic Games recently bought the aforementioned indie team Psyonix, according to Rocket League, which has been raking in razzmatz reviews. Doctor's previous article "Epic boss is worth more than G fat, will its game platform surpass Steam?" "And" run Steam with money, players figure out Epic takes down the cost of phoenix point > exclusive "tells the story of Epic Games constantly signed a limited exclusive contract with PC game developers, so that many works will not be released on other PC platforms for half a year or a year. This time, the team was bought outright, leaving many players wondering whether Rocket League would be forced to take it off Steam.

According to Psyonix's official announcement, the original team and game content will not change due to this acquisition and the development team will remain headquartered in San Diego. Meanwhile, Rocket League will continue to be released on Steam. Epic Games' official response to foreign media also said: "we will continue to release Rocket League on Steam and have no plans to stop the game from being released there. New Rocket League players can still play the game on Steam. Long-term plans for the future will be announced later.

Personally, I think this is just the wording to "appease" players in the short term. There will definitely be changes in the future. If Rocket League remains popular and profitable, such as on Steam's best-seller platinum list, given its core audience and revenue, the game won't be coming off Steam anytime soon. Rocket League is coming to the Epic store this year, and presumably Epic Games will use all sorts of tricks to get players to "switch" platforms.

If Rocket League is slowly coming to the end of its life cycle, it needs a major overhaul. Now in the Epic Games camp, Psyonix is likely to launch Rocket League2 directly, and while Psyonix has vowed to stay away from a second generation, Epic Games is now in charge.

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