EA Has Launched A Good Dodgeball Competitive Game

May-26-2021 Categories: news

In recent years, the luck of the well-known game EA is quite good! In 2019, "Apex Legends" was launched without any publicity. This innovative multiplayer battle royale game won the favor of players. It only took three days for registered players. The number has exceeded 10 million! Its popularity has surpassed that of competitive works such as "Fortnite" and "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds".

Recently, another EA sports game "Knockout City" seems to replicate the successful routine of "Apex Legends". The game was launched without much publicity and attracted 2 million players in just a few days. ! Currently, "Knockout City" has received "96% positive reviews" from players on Steam.

Although EA's games are quite rechargeable, there are exceptions. "Apex Legends" and "Knockout City" have been recognized by the majority of players for their innovative gameplay and excellent game quality! Since "Knockout City" is the same as "Apex Legends", both focus on 3v3 (4v4) and the game is fun, so players voluntarily invite friends to play. So I hope everyone can experience it, it's really good!

"Knockout City" is a multiplayer team-competitive dodge ball game. Players use throwing, passing, dashing, dodge or catching actions to play against each other in a variety of gorgeous and full of high and low building scenes, and finally, score Win or lose. If you are not familiar with dodge ball, you can go to the Internet to find relevant information. In one sentence, it is "smash the enemy with the ball while avoiding the enemy's attack."

There are various types of balls in the game, with different effects, which makes the competitive process full of strategies and excitement. In addition to the general magic ball, players can even throw their teammates as "human balls", and the gameplay is quite diverse! This is reminiscent of the "Kunio-Kun" work "Super Dodge Ball" that was played on FC back then, but "Knockout City" has better graphics, more exciting players and more routines!

Of course, the routine is based on the operation. If you want to win in "Knockout City", you must be familiar with various basic operations and the routines of teamwork. And similar to the real dodge ball, the game is very pleasing to the players. Response, so the requirements for the network are very high. However, the current quality of EA's servers is decent, as we can see from player reviews, only a few people occasionally complain about network delays.

It is worth mentioning that: "Knockout City" is an EA Play member game and also belongs to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup. Related subscribers have increased the popularity of the game, and high-quality games will attract more new users to subscribe. EA's services. The other good news is that there is currently no loot drawing system in the game, and the shapes are all purchased with game currency.

"Knockout City" currently has officially hosted competitions in the European and American player communities. If it is the same as "Apex Legends", the number of players will continue to grow, and the community will become larger and larger. Maybe it will become another "Rocket". League", sports games are still promising!

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