Druid no mind no problems built into Diablo 4

So a single person fell and it completely changed my anesthetic. Please join me on my journey through Druidism. This version focuses on the old big bar. It requires some uniqueness and a bit of honing, but it's basically a basic attack build.

How does this build play. So you howl CDs, use Shrink to engage, activate rage then basic attack, watch all die which can sometimes be the last. Use earth ramparts when ccd' rinse and repeat. You will melt the dungeon and become the powerful Hella with your magic snake skill. You don't need resources so 0 oh mind is blank.

Unique Item - Weapon - Employee of the most essential old diablo 4 equipment.

Helm - Storm Howl (only points for wolf and storm ability, shako will bis...)

Chests - a combination of crazy wolf fun with the roar of a storm.

Legs - recklessly good support at close range.

Boots - I have ones that freeze, but only due to movement speed.

Stats to aim for on device. So, the three main stats we will be trying to achieve are:

Use attack speed from abilities and accessories to get the highest attack speed possible. Critical chance is more explosive and heals more.

Serious damage.

There are other things that will work just as well (warewolf DMG etc) when you get them high enough. Side note also get movement speed, you will get through the dungeon very fast!

Depends - I run attack speed on my amulet and the rest will be light based damage to this nice clear aoe. Make sure it's what's causing the storm and not something in the base capacity. Also on the other spare ring the extra damage will be added (but it's disabled for now) when you have full resources as you will always have full resources. Currently, even though I used a blood howl, it will increase the chance of crit.

So for the abilities we're above attack tower storm AND claw we're both used while you're in base, so we maximize those two and use the branch to get some double attacks and get vulnerable.

Then I take - Shred is literally just for dashes, I just use it for joins. All lightning and all crit modifiers. Such an unstoppable earthen rampart is good.

Blood Howl = attack speed and healing.

Rage is due to stack damage and the buttons we have when an enemy is poisoned will increase critical damage by 30%.

Then I got cataclysm because I liked the skill but it wasn't necessary. Just a great extra burst to pop up. Passive is a passive that changes shape to increase attack speed by 20%. For you will always be a wolf. Who is a good boy.

Benefits. Deer - Elite damage reduction. Eagle specializes in that, attack speed or randomness, whatever you lack, and critical damage. Wolf-rose's ultimate is the only one that really works. Snake (can also be specialized if you have enough attack speed) - a crit shapeshifter that heals you, this is a frenzied and essential restraining skill for nightmarish dungeons.

Ban Paragon. So your first magic button to join and level up is fangs and claws (I think it's called that) just extra damage of werewolf that requires will, this currently gives gives me 80% of wolf damage- Garou added. This goes into the lightning storm and then the werewolf board. Since the buttons are plugged in, this can do a great deal of extra damage.

I hope I have explained it well enough. I'll go back and link some pictures of my ability scores and benchmarks as it will be easier on the eyes. I can even take a video if people don't believe the build works. Level 80 and can run 35-36 nightmares (but don't do that because it's more efficient to only pass 3 levels, just want to check his top level)

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas, throw them away; if you want to buy diablo 4 gold, d4 items, diablo iv boost, pls contact us. Good kill.