Discontent with Aspects That Remain Unchanged in This Patch Regarding PvP Balance

I must express my disappointment with certain aspects that have gone unadjusted for PvP balance in this latest patch. Let's delve into a few of these concerns:

1, Exhaustive Net Shot: This ability, which inflicts a 50% slow over 7 seconds (averaging out to a 25% slow), is already quite lengthy. However, the real issue is the 60% EXHAUST effect it applies for a staggering 8 seconds. Stamina is the primary resource that keeps players from succumbing to the immense damage and crowd control prevalent in the game. This perk essentially depletes your stamina, and its potency is undeniably excessive.

2, Crippling Powder Burn: This skill inflicts a 12-second burn that deals significant damage, and it also includes a 45% slow for 5 seconds. This combination seems questionable at best.

3, Abyss + Firestaff Combo: The synergy between these two weapons is remarkable, offering two of the best movement abilities in the game. This pairing excels in multiple aspects, from mobility to damage output. While we don't want to strip away the fun, some scrutiny is necessary to maintain balance. The Great Axe boasts field control, both weapons possess strong mobility, and they deal substantial damage. Balancing is essential.

4, Life Staff: In the PvP realm, the Life Staff hasn't seen any nerfs, whereas Shirking Heals received appropriate adjustments. However, the Ankh + pocket heals combination still results in an uneven interaction. Furthermore, the current state of potions leaves much to be desired, especially with the recent nerf to Healthy Toast (mana pot heal). Its healing capacity has been significantly reduced, which is problematic considering the prevalent damage and potent Damage Over Time effects in the game.

The list of potent, frustrating, or imbalanced skills, debuffs, and weapon combinations goes on, but these are the key concerns that stand out prominently.

What players should consider is taking precautions to mitigate these issues as much as possible, more New World gold coins maybe help you. Casual players often utilize defensive gems, amulets, and other items, but the cleansing effects deserve more attention as a crucial defensive aspect. In wars, for instance, efficient use of cleanse potions is essential for successful participation.

In this context, a single cleanse perk on an earring can counteract many of the issues mentioned. With a single regeneration potion, you can completely remove these debuffs. And, that's not even accounting for the numerous other cleanse effects offered by various classes through their weapons, amulets, or perks.

It's a small investment with significant rewards, so learning to incorporate cleanse effects into your playstyle is vital.

While certain combinations, like Ga-FS (Great Axe + Firestaff), may indeed be strong, many other classes also have their own strengths. Ultimately, the effectiveness of these combinations comes down to player skill. The mentioned combination is not overpowered by any means, and addressing these concerns should involve focusing on improving gameplay and strategy.

There are other issues to consider, but these are the primary points that demand attention. Welcome to buyosrs.gold, thank you for reading.