Did any of you take advantage of that opportunity

Do any of you recall the period when High Roller was made available for free? Did any of you take advantage of that opportunity?

Well, let me tell you, those lobbies were teeming with bare-naked Rogues. That's pretty much all that changed. High Roller typically has its fair share of Solo Naked Rogues, but during the free period, it was almost comical how often you'd load into a game and find no one to engage because the entire lobby was crawling with Rogues sneaking around your group. It was dreadfully dull - maybe one out of every three lobbies had another team worth facing, and if you ever engaged in a skirmish, a Rogue would swiftly swoop in, pilfer the loot from the fallen, and disappear before you could even glance at their spoils. It was an abysmal experience.

Unless there's a tangible way to encourage participation in High Roller, it's challenging to attract players to it. It's evident that no matter how affordable or enticing Inner Mind makes High Roller, ultra-equipped squads will still gravitate toward regular lobbies because they relish any PvP victory. If you make it free, the lobby quickly fills with opportunists, leaving the well-geared players with no one to battle, ultimately pushing them away from High Roller, aside from loot farming. It's a complex issue to address, but those fervently requesting free access to High Roller likely aren't the kind of players who would engage with it in the first place. I can assure you that making High Roller free won't deter the champions in regular lobbies.

One potential solution is to introduce more High Roller-exclusive content. Presently, High Roller feels like a slightly tougher version of regular lobbies with marginally better drop rates, catering primarily to the top 1% of players who can handle boss encounters. To incentivize participation, it needs to become a much more rewarding and unique experience. I'm placing my hopes on upcoming systems that could achieve this, such as:

- Implementing a Quest System that offers High Roller-exclusive quests, which would motivate players to attempt extraction from High Roller on multiple occasions.

- Utilizing the Talent Tree system to require accomplishments like defeating Elite and Nightmare monsters in High Roller, granting rewards that make it worthwhile.

- Introducing new High Roller-exclusive resources, like a variant of Gold Ore exclusively for High Roller, used in mid-tier and higher-tier crafting and fetching high prices from Merchants.

- Incorporating High Roller-exclusive items or special item rolls. For instance, if Rings only dropped in High Roller, more players would be drawn to it. Or, if certain item properties, like Luck, could only be rolled on High Roller items, there would be added incentive for players to participate.

- Exploring potential future mechanics, such as a Tarkov-inspired Insurance system that allows players to insure items exclusively in High Roller, ensuring recovery if those items are lost in the dungeon. Lorewise, this would make sense, as adventurers would primarily focus on searching for loot in dungeons frequented by high-powered adventurers.

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