​Diablo always losing is starting to look silly

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Would you be happy with your character being killed in the story by Diablo within the narrative, before he causes destruction upon Sanctuary which is basically winning and end the story for D4? You'd remain able to enjoy game with your character, and collect items from Diablo (expacs will have to be prequel-based, but it's still possible to play in an order of events following Diablo however it would be somewhat unclear in terms of lore but necessary to play) But I think it would be an interesting story element that could also set an interesting precedent to follow for Diablo 5.

Diablo continues to be beat by humans, and at this point, we know:

The game's protagonist Diablo will be defeated once more during D4 (whether it's by you story npc, character or both)

The only thing is that there won't be Diablo on D4 but simply a huge build-up to D5's cliffhanger and it's really making him appear like a weak sexy babe. I'd love to see him get another shot at the spotlight even if it's only once.

Note: This is a quick blog post about what this might look like

You're about killing Diablo after you've shredded his health bar, and then the film begins with the hero preparing to kill Diablo until you realize that the hero was merely buying time to get more transformation after consuming his soul. lost Imperius (thanks for the heroic heroes that defeated Imperius however it was a brilliant plan by Mephisto, the Mastermind Mephisto that not just destroyed Imperius but also set him in a battle against heroes) and inherited nephalem-like powers that render your character's abilities unaffected by large D before unleashing his red lightning to slash you to death, injuring them and exposing their ribs while they lay on the ground with Diablo in their midst, forcing them to observe as he wipes out an army of soldiers by thousands of people who were eager to kill Diablo. With one blow the new abilities to transform them into a blaze of red in a flash. Diablo is looking at you, grabs your character's head and tears off their head. He places it before his face while you can see the eyes of your character slowly shifting towards his eyes. Then Diablo hits the head like the head of a watermelon, and then moves ahead.

The final Horadric scholar praises you as a hero for humanity who lost an honorable battle, only to have villager forces him to flee together with them, as a hoard of demons converge to destroy them and their land. The inhabitants of Sanctuary have accepted the new lifestyle of being with fear, hiding from the world as they are overrun by demons, with parts even beginning to look like hell, but those who do survive are stronger and set the tone for the heroes of D5 who will come to the rescue of humanity and take down the big D who is more powerful as ever before.

The angels have no assistance and have pledged not to ever help ever again following the demise to Imperius and the previous attack in the heavens. Our beloved Cain comes back, but as a cool, but frightening combination of demons and burnt undead in a boss battle and Tyrael's soul tortured is encased in the heavens by his angels (perhaps to be released by the heroes of D5? ).

Edit 2

Mephisto realizes that he is unable to beat the heroes, so the villains were lured into some interesting structure. A boss battle begins there, and players beat him, and the film's cinematic roll. Structure burns over Mephisto and his heroes in the course of the fight (as Mephisto secretly plans to escape) but the heroes escape via an escape tunnel (also hidden by Mephisto to help the heroes remain alive and escape) and then realize they carry a mysterious curse-bearing brand. The demolishment of the structure will reveal an undiscovered room full of treasure that players can loot. This brand serves to Mephisto to penetrate the heroes' minds, and to locate them. Mephisto uses this to create a conflict with the characters and Imperius and Imperius, which results in Imperius going to the grave as planned only to see his soul later devoured by Diablo. (revealed in the form of Mephisto who appears as a surprise at the end of the story to show the heroes his deaths).

Mephisto could later make an excellent post Diablo expansion boss in D5 (lore-wise at the very least).

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