"Diablo 2 Resurrected" is one of the best choices in the early stage of pioneering

Oct-17-2021 Categories: Diablo

Blizzard’s classic game "Diablo 2" has launched a remastered version of "Diablo 2 Resurrected", and shared some points for attention in the game. Since the new work is consistent with the original version in terms of frame and content, the article is mainly for new players. If old players have forgotten because of the age, they can also review it.

Twenty years ago, the Internet was not so developed, and everyone could only exchange experiences with each other in a limited number of professional forums. Now that the remake of "Diablo 2" is released, I will talk to you about the most suitable professional gameplay in "Diablo 2 Resurrected", which is the ice and fire method. I personally recommend that you choose the mage as the first character, and the ice and fire method is fast, low-cost and harmful. Let's take a look.

Career profile

The ice and fire method is a mage of both ice and fire systems. Although the "Snowball War" has always existed in the skill tree of the Frozen Element, it is still recommended that everyone put the main attack skills on the "Frozen Ball" and "Meteorite". Generally speaking, everyone can fill up these two skills at level 60, and the ice and fire method will basically take shape.

Skill description

Let's explain the skills in detail below. I personally think that Frozen Ball is a very powerful skill. This skill not only has high basic damage but also has a large attack range. The most powerful thing is that it does not require aiming when releasing the skill, which is especially suitable for players with less precise operations; and the fire system Meteorites can make up for some of the shortcomings of Frozen Orbs, such as insufficient damage when facing the boss. Of course, you can also choose Blizzard in the Ice Element, and Fire Wall or Fireball in the Fire Element. After all, everyone has different habits. The key is that both departments must choose the main attack skill to face various situations.

We pioneered in the game, which means that no one brought it, and the ice and fire method can adapt to this very well. In the early stage, it is recommended to invest some skill points for the fireball, because the fireball has a large attack range and good damage, which is considered to be a meteorite synergy skill. The ice system directly refers to the ice ball, once it is clicked, you can change to the ice ball as the main combat skill.

In terms of other skills, several practical skills necessary for the mage, such as teleportation, enchantment, electrostatic force field, etc., are all recommended. In addition, the type of ice armor can be chosen according to your preferences. As for the passive skill "Warm" of the fire element, it is recommended to tap it at the beginning, because it is very helpful for the recovery of magic.

Character attributes

In terms of character attribute points, the configuration of the ice and fire method is actually very simple. The only thing to consider is the spirit shield, and the four-hole shield that the wizard usually takes is the monarch shield (strength requirement 156), so after we set the strength to 156, everything else can be added to physical strength to increase the upper limit of blood volume, which is a perfect situation. In the early stage of the game, some pioneering equipment usually requires some agility, so it can only be washed in the later stage. The trick here is that we can set aside 20 points for easy replacement of equipment.

Equipment selection

In terms of equipment, it is natural to wear whatever you have at the beginning of the game. The ice and fire method is also very simple in equipment selection. Naturally, priority is given to equipment that can increase the skill level. It is recommended that you make a cheap and easy-to-use spirit rune set and vision rune set as soon as possible during the upgrade process, which can greatly improve your game experience! There is no personal record of the specific equipment name, so let’s search for it.

Except for a few particularly difficult occasions, "Diablo 2 Resurrected" has almost no occasions that cannot be handled by the formed ice and fire method. The most frequently used equipment for the Ice and Fire method are Mephisto, Warlord Shank, Grumpy Skin, and Cow Level. The essence of the wizard's monster spawning is the card terrain. You can find some expert videos to learn. In addition, after the Ice-Fire method is practiced, you can upgrade with those weaker careers in the early stage, which has a lot of benefits.

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