D2R: ​Weapon for smiter/Zeal until Grief

Hey guys I played D2 in HC SSF (duo with a friend ) for many years, and I've only had the chance to kill Hell Baal only once and never was able to get into the high-level gear and all that.

This year I was with several friends who would like for a game of the D2 Softcore in the ladder. I began with a Smiter Paladin as I had heard it was a dirt inexpensive. The problem is that I'm nearly full of gear (with not the best equipment, but all pieces are falling into) however I am still in need of an LO to play my Grief.

Once I've got the LO I'm sure that things will go smoothly However, for now I'm trying to kill things very quickly. I am aware that the Smiter is an uber-farmer and is not designed to work, but as it's my only character , I have to work on it.

As of now, I'm using Djinn Slayer using Zeal to farm. It's quicker than using Smite and my 4socket's PDiamond targe. The issue is that Djinn Slayers break constantly... I was wondering which weapon should I utilize until I get Grief? I was wondering if LightSabre is likely to be upgraded?

Furthermore, I'm reluctant to put too much money into it since I'm only lacking a LO, and I am convinced that every resource I can use to trade or to create lower runewords wastes resources to progress towards obtaining the Grief. Are there any weapon suggestions?

Prestigious-Hunter19 suggests to me that:

Lightsabre is an amazing upgrade for you. You receive magic and elemental damage per hit. Additionally, the the blade's phase is unbreakable, so you don't have to worry about fixing it.

Lawbringer is a cheaper alternative to throw into a phase blade, which will let you a decrepify to gain additional damage. The most expensive component is the 'Lem'.

I'm thinking Voice of Reason is another interesting one. It also gives you the possibility of casting an ice orb of level 13 continually. Another one of the most expensive runs is "Lem".

Baranar's star is pretty cool as well.

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