Christmas 2018 event and Carnival Lottery

Dec-20-2018 Categories: runescape

Welcome to the RuneScape team's latest weekly update in 2018! While the game and the teams that support it will be playing during the Christmas season, get ready for RuneScape and its fantastic players. As for the here and now, in addition to the many Christmas activities we're doing, this week will see the arrival of a whole new seasonal mission!

Violet, our holiday assignment, is Blue, and it starts on December 17th! Like the broken home of a few years ago, we decided to make a permanent new mission, not a temporary one. Because it's permanent, you can go offline at some stage and play it in the middle of the summer, so it's not obviously Christmassy. But it will be seasonal! There will be snow, families and celebrations. Ten years after the launch of the myth of white land, we celebrate this incredible milestone by returning to the snowlands to find our new mission.

Violet is a snowman. Or at least, she thinks she is. Her parents, actually they, found a little baby lost in the snow, adopted her and raised her ever since. The problem is Violet, who is now six, insists on visiting Yeti Town to see the Yeti festival of the year.

This is where you came in. Her mother and father are worried that she may not be accepted, so they need your help to make her trip the most amazing adventure of all. This is a puzzle task, but with a twist. You need to get Violet from A to B, but getting there alone isn't enough -- it needs to be the magic journal Violet will always cherish.

This is a novice task that is not required, so all RuneScape players can use it. There are a few additional post-quest XP's available to advanced players to make sure it's worth your time.

Anyway, make sure you head to Grand Exchange today for some seasonal food! The first is the return of Christmas cookies. Work with your partner to open our giant cookies and win gifts. Cookies will be available once a day and participants must submit 100 holiday papers. Yes, opening the cookie itself will be a faster process this year! If you are not online at the moment you open it, don't worry - if you contribute, you can always be rewarded while the activity is still active.

So enjoy the good time of Christmas, RSgoldfast for you to prepare a rich Christmas gifts, welcome to the arrival of everyone! Want to know more details here: