Blizzard Is Testing "Interesting New Approaches" for Diablo IV into PvP

Dec-13-2019 Categories: Diablo

Diablo IV premiered at BlizzCon 2019 at long last. The game was playable on the showfloor, though Blizzard made it clear there is no release window as of fans and yet might be waiting for some time.

Even though it has not been since BlizzCon 2019 the desire for information is very real.

The most interesting new tidbit is a tease to get Player-versus-Player combat, which makes a yield in Diablo IV following its restricted brawling free-for-all stadium in Diablo III.

PvP is something we have been considering and working on since the very first Diablo. It's something that's been a long time coming -- you'll have to go back into Diablo II to find it. We are in the center of prototyping some ways that are really fascinating and we're just going to lock them in.

Another innovation coming from the Diablo match is that the'world' and Adham talked a little about that.

The consequences of the big, social, connected open globe... that is something you're going to know more as you play. The tech that allows a seamless world that is open to run is an order of magnitude greater than anything we've done in Diablo before.

Lastly, Adham wished to assure franchise fans that Blizzard is going to stay true to all the previous installations while finding ways to drive Diablo IV forward.

Among the challenges we all had in making this match stayed true to Diablo II Diablo and Diablo III while pushing exactly what those games all stood to another level. But I think we managed it look at what we've achieved together with the class refreshes. We chose the Druid but brought it back even better. Now he is flanked by wolves, and shapeshifts to the werebear, the werewolf. And since it is Diablo, we dial it all of the way up to 11, also -- we've got shapeshifting, but we also have that to be complemented by mad nature charms.

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