Benefits Of Using Vis Wax Machine In RuneScape

May-19-2021 Categories: runescape

The Rune Goldberg Machine is a daily diversion and conversion for members that can be completed to earn Vis Wax. Vis Wax is a very useful and important resource no matter what stage your RuneScape account is in. The Vis Wax Machine can be used as a coin maker or for long-term storage of Vis Wax. Either way, completing this conversion on a daily basis is essential to get the most out of the account.

The most common use of Vis Wax is to lengthen halos. Especially in PvE scenarios, better hatch halos like Berserker and Ruthless could be worth the expansion. Alternatively, Vis Wax can recycle and expand daily challenges, shift divine location boundaries and add instant transfer fees. These are all useful when used properly.

Make Vis Wax

Requirements: 50 Runecrafting + About 120,000 GP per run

Thanks to the wide range of applications of RuneScape, Vis Wax is always in high demand. This results in high value retention even though it is relatively cheap to build. In other words, it is a guaranteed daily profit maker to operate every time. On average, Vis Wax will give you a profit of 900,000 OSRS GP. This assumes that all runes are bought in stores and not at the Grand Exchange.

The first step to making Vis Wax is to go to one of Gielinor's many Rune stores. The best stores are sophisticated stores because they store more runes and thus take less time. There are also lower level shops, but you must visit at least four of them to earn enough runes. Most of the advanced stores are closed for requirements, but the Void Knight Magic Store can be accessed from any member account.

Go to Port Sarim and talk to Squire at the penultimate dock. Then head to the west side of the Void Knights outpost, where the magic shop is located. Other sites such as Yanille Magic Guild (66 Magic), Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop (Lunar Diplomacy) and Tutab’s Magical Market (Monkey Madness) are also active.

Purchase the full inventory of all 6 base runs: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Body. This costs a little over 100,000 GP and should give you a whole heap of 1000 from each rune. If this is your first time using Vis Wax in RuneScape, go to another rune store and buy another set of stocks. Any excess rune tokens can be sold on the major exchange afterward for extra profit.

With your runes bought, the next step is to visit the Runecrafting Guild. This is located on top of the enchanting tower, south of the village of Draynor. The easiest way to access it is to use the right-click direct transfer option on Wicked Hood. The Wicked Hood can be redeemed for free by talking to Tam McGrubor in Northeast Burthorpe.

Go to the central gate on top of the Wizard's Tower. Once inside, the Rune Goldberg machine can be found on the east side of the guild. Work with it and it will open the interface for creating Vis Wax.

Each day the related runes change to maximize the amount of Vis Wax that can be earned. The easiest way to find out which runes are required on any given day is to check out community-run posts such as Vis Wax Fc V5 groups on the official RuneScape forums.

The first lock is always fixed and the same for everyone. The second hole can be one of three, so try them all. Finally, the third slot is randomly selected for each account. The best way to know which runes to use is to complete the first and second slots and then switch between the other 4 previously purchased runes. Any of the remaining four runes that yield the most Vis Wax should be used. Sometimes you may have to buy extra runes for the third hole, but this is rare.