Are you going to continue NBA 2K21, or is it enough?

Sep-25-2020 Categories: NBA 2K21

This year looks like All yearly sports games Will be affected by COVID-19 in a row, regardless of the home game that has to be postponed some years Released as a patch, some updates Or punt the game to be released in a way that must be sold at all. 'NBA 2K21' is considered a game that qualifies. Since last year, Visual Concept has encountered a setback in both the development of the game itself. It also has to spend time learning how to make a game of wrestling. Because the old team withdrew again This year, I still have to hit COVID-19 again.

But NBA 2K21 finally made its appearance. In this work, the authors do not know how difficult they are to go through such a heavy story. Until developing into this sector of the game Let's just say it, traditionally, in this NBA 2K21 review.


Sometimes when we refer to the orb as a ball, the point of view in the narrative involved. There may be countless It doesn't have to be a matter of basketball. Or a basketball player Just throwing basketball in the face of others Became a crime news with 'basketball balls' in the story.

NBA 2K21's MyCareer feature is re-imagining of the basketball dimension. In this installment you will play as a young man who follows his dead father's dreams. But there are obstacles in life as love. Blah. If you played 2K20 before, you will likely experience anything that is a dramatic story. Eighty-nine of the pursuit of dreams as a basketball player What we're saying is that NBA 2K21 content is no different. Even though it is told in different situations But in the end Its core is still basketball.

There are not many admirable things. Emotion transmission is probably one of the top advantages of this mode if you are a boy who dreams of a sport. I want to be a star in the world. NBA 2K21 media here comes out well. But if you don't have access to this kind of plot You may be tired of life. Then come back and ask questions like that "What are you doing this for?" Repeatedly after the match.

Which the author is someone who does not access the content in this sector It's not because we don't like basketball. Or not in with people fighting life But it seems The author has come across many parts of this type of content. Is found until Ian Until thinking that the basketball in the game Can you do anything else? In addition to walking to the race, come sit and sit in an Interview with the problems of life. Everything is like the same loop over and over. Makes us not want to play I want to turn off the mode and play online matches right away.


Back in the days of 2K19, the 2K20 graphics update was a real change. In both the remote blur that was removed Clearer model Reflection of the field, lights, cheering rhythm Everything is evidently evolving, but today 2K21 is hardly any different from 2K20.

The word is no different. Many people would think that There are some small adjustments that if you don't focus your eyes on it. But from the survey It appears that saying no 'It's not really' 'Everything is always the same. No change Which if asked if it is already good Would be really good, here we understand that It is almost the end of this generation console. So I can't develop much graphics.

But at least what has been developed other than the face of basketball players Should be able to show some players That the team of this game have confidence in the game. Or may not focus on development Changed to a fresher color tone change in the game. To match today's graphics trends, NBA 2K21 isn't doing anything like we hoped it would happen. It just raised the graphics of 2K20 to scan the faces of the athletes for the right season. And then it's over.


This topic is one of the most embarrassing. Previously, the author was the one who cheered the series. Cheer for this team And always understood them For a period of one year, it might be too tight. In the development of anything good, a tall, erect Can see each other in both sub-district and district Let them only improve what is already better in the next installment, gradually refining the game for the better year by year.

But for NBA 2K21, for the first time ever, the word 'back down' automatically pops up in the mind. If you've played this series before, you'll know that 2K20 does an amazingly real motion and tracking system from that shooter. Even though it might feel a bit numb at times, it is a new step in the end. As we can expect, 2K is interested in developing match-to-match fun. Rather than focusing on other unrelated developments.

In this sector it has the same system as before. But! It was hardly developed at all. The most unfortunate thing is that major systems have been made worse than ever. Especially shooting, which many people who play with the author. Told with the same voice that Three point shots are almost impossible with this new shooting system. Plus, it still cannot be adjusted to the old style. This is not including the stats of some strange basketball players who are good at it, but when actually playing on the field. Instead it dropped down like that. But with some people who are just rookies this year Great return to play Shoot three points like never before.

If you can summarize at all here We would like to say that the main system is already good. And it's been good like that for a long time But the change in this sector is considered 'creating obstacles' to play beyond the limit As a result, the game is not fun. When the game is not fun This event probably won't have any reason to come and sit over and over again.


Will still say the same The game in this sector, it is like lifting 2K20, and then update the Roster with new gestures just that. Because of the size of the bug that occurred in 2K20 and didn't resolve in 2K21, it still exists like the development team has never seen it before. Including specifications that still eat consistently as before Not change.

For the PC version, you need a 1060 or higher graphics card, don't believe the game itself, use GTX 770 to survive, because if you try to play the game with similar GTX 1050Ti graphics card, you will feel that it has. The delay happened, the image came out slow motion, so I thought that I watched a great shot of sports.

But for the console version This is probably the greatest advantage of this game. Because there is no problem in playing at all Everything is stable Even with some minor bugs But not the size of a game Most of them call their names wrong, sometimes alternating sound effects. Which did not have much effect on playing So if anyone really wants to play this game, we highly recommend that. Must be played in the console with NBA 2K21 MT Coins.


If the development of Region 2K19 to 2K20 is less, this sector would not have developed anything. With the MyCareer story lacking in repetition and the traditional game mechanics the team tried to differentiate. Pushed to get dire results instead Part of us is sympathetic to the team. Because in one year time To make even better things that are already good It may be a difficult task. But we cannot deny that There are many things That although not the main issue of the game They do it worse anyway.

This might be time That they will come to review again, whether they will stop to start adding new ideas or will be tough Use a concept like this in the next installment.