Archeology will arrive at RuneScape 3 after several years of waiting

Oct-15-2019 Categories: runescape

With almost 20 years on the market, RuneScape 3(RS Gold), usually known as RuneScape simply, is one of the longest-running, famous and successful MMOs in the world. He currently has better health than ever and now surprises his own players with a new skill, archeology.

The game did not receive one of these for four years, the skills can be perfectly a "job" or "profession" in other role-playing games, which is why skills are an important element of the game, one that takes time in be created Archeology will be skill number 28 and will arrive in the coming months.

Discover ancestral elements

Once you get your alcotana you can discover old artifacts and materials to restore them, although of course not all materials will be useful so you have to keep in mind that we will have to negotiate with other players to get what we want. Once the artifact is restored we can sell it to a collector, keep it or even donate it to a museum.

On the other hand there will also be ancient skills and relics. All the skills of RuneScape start from the idea that we are walking through a very ancient world full of ancestral powers, which is why we can even discover them by digging. One of those will be the invocation of demons, which we must discover and unite at our will to be able to invoke them in other situations.

We can also get plans for another skill, Invention, so archeology is also a good source of content for fans of other skills. Finally there are the new passive effects that are achieved by discovering relics.

Archaeologists will have a total of 5 places to dig from January 2020, each place will have different abilities, relics and artifacts and you can take your skill as an archaeologist to level 120 if you are a premium player. For its part, free-to-play can only reach level 20, it is not an elite skill so you can play as an archaeologist as soon as it is launched next year.

You can see all the details of the expansion itself by following this link.