"Apex Legends" recharge routines cause players to be dissatisfied

Aug-19-2019 Categories: Apex Legends

"Apex Legends" is about to launch a limited-time "single-person" mode, which tells the story of "Apex Legends" will launch a new attempt after the decline in popularity, that is, single-player challenge "Solos" mode! However, what everyone did not expect is that at the same time as the "Solos" model was launched, there was also an iron crown styling reward activity, which caused great controversy.

The controversy is that in early August, EA said in its recent performance meeting that "Apex Legends" will be a game with a ten-year long-term operational plan. And just after ten days of launching the "Iron Crown" event, the recharge design of its styling package has made many players call for a new model of "Apex Legends".

Let's take a look at this iron crown styling reward activity. The basic gameplay is that the player can collect the new activity currency "Crown" and open the "Iron Crown Collection Package" through the challenge activity, which is no problem. However, this event is limited to a total of 30 appearance props. Players must first collect all 24 styles before they can purchase an additional six Bloodhound Heirloom combinations in the event store. The problem is: At this event, players can only get 2 Iron Crown Collection Packs for free through the challenge. The other 22 models need to be obtained through in-app purchase.

A package price is 700Apex coins, calculated in US dollars, equivalent to $7, and 22 packages are priced at $154! When the player unlocks the 24 Iron Crown Collection Packs, you can use the Apex coin to purchase the Hebrew Hound Heirloom combination. Even the Bloodhound Heirloom combination will join the standard Apex combo reward pool after the Iron Crown event, which is also a source of dissatisfaction for many players!

The design of EA this time, for players who only want to get some hero skin (especially the bloodhound hound heirloom), the burden is still quite big, it can be regarded as a very deliberate recharge routine! Everyone began to question the EA official previous "long-term ten years of operation".

Although "Apex Legends" has long been glory in February and March, the official revealed that there are still 8-10 million players in the monthly life. If you can operate steadily and steadily, make a fuss about maps, gameplay, and hero balance. Once again rushed to the top. At present, the activity like "Iron Crown" is a bit of a suspicion of "drinking thirst". Maybe EA wants to make more money when there are players, and does not want to operate for ten years?

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