Apex Legends mobile game in development

May-08-2019 Categories: Apex Legends

During this time, Apex Legends' popularity declined due to the lack of content and the proliferation of plugins. However, it's only been three months since Apex Legends launched in February, so it's too early to tell. So Respawn, its developer, and EA, its publisher, remain confident.

Apex Legends is not only a fast-growing escape game, but has helped EA reach 30% of potential new users, according to EA's latest earnings report.

Apex Legends' early success has created a number of new challenges for Respawn, which is currently working on Apex Legends' next season's BattlePass and new heroes in the hopes of providing a stable, long-term gaming service, and plans to release Apex Legends on more platforms. EA also confirmed in a later conference call that a mobile version is in the works and will bring the game to the Chinese market and make it available to more players who expect it.

"We are in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and mobile, and We will update you on time frames when those negotiations are crucial," EA said during the call.

Because of the success of Apex Legends' free-to-play model, EA says it will release more free-to-play games in the future, in addition to retaining the development of paid buyouts. According to Daniel Ahmad, a well-known game analyst, EA will work more closely with the gaming division of China's tencent, as the two sides just launched FIFA Online4 last year, so there is a good chance that Apex Legends will be represented by tencent in the Chinese market.

This is the first time that EA has talked about a potential mobile version of Apex Legends, but the idea isn 't shocking. Both PlayerUnknown' s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, Two of the most popular and well know battle royale games, It's unclear if Apex Legends' mobile version will be directly connected to the console versions of the game, Like Fortnite, or if it will be a different version of the game, like PUBG. Either way, with the announcement of new content just a month away and a mobile version somewhere on the horizon, It 's clear that EA is invested in the ongoing success of Apex Legends. At present, the specific situation and the details are unclear, but it is clear: the Apex hero "mobile game come on!

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