All Path of Exile Classes, Ranked Worst To Best

The dark fantasy ARPG, Path of Exile, offers players an expansive array of choices to tailor their character to their preferred play style or to experiment with different builds to POE currency trade become the most formidable adventurer in Wraeclast. With seven main classes and 19 Ascendancy subclasses, alongside an extensive range of items and both Active and Support skills, the customization possibilities are nearly endless.

When players first create a character, they choose from six initial classes, with the seventh, the Scion, becoming available after progressing through the story campaign. The 19 Ascendancy classes, which focus and enhance abilities, become accessible after completing the Lord's Labyrinth. The choice of initial class is a critical first step in shaping the combat style that will define the player's experience throughout the game.

None of the classes in Path of Exile are inherently bad, particularly given the depth of customization available. However, some classes are generally considered more effective or versatile than others. Here, we rank the classes from least to most impressive, taking into account their potential when paired with Ascendancy classes, items, and other customization options.

7. Duelist

The Duelist is often viewed as a hybrid class, benefiting from both Strength and Dexterit skill gems. This combination allows for a versatile combat style, but it also means that the Duelist can struggle to specialize. Paired with the Champion Ascendancy class, the Duelist can inflict significant damage with its Impale attack and dual weapons. The Champion excels in a tank role, with strong offense and defense capabilities. However, it requires elemental resistance from items to protect against arcane magic. Despite its balance, the Duelist often feels less powerful than other classes due to its jack-of-all-trades nature.

6. Marauder

The Marauder is a Strength-based class known for its brute force and high survivability. This class is perfect for players who enjoy being on the front lines, taking and dealing heavy damage. The Juggernaut Ascendancy enhances the Marauder's tanking abilities, providing bonuses to armor and endurance charges, making it nearly unkillable in the thick of battle. However, the Marauder's reliance on close combat can be a disadvantage in fights against elusive or highly mobile enemies. Additionally, its limited access to Dexterity and Intelligence skill gems can restrict its versatility in certain builds.

5. Scion

The Scion, unlocked after completing the game's story campaign, is unique in its ability to utilize all three core attributes: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. This class starts at the center of the skill tree, offering unparalleled flexibility in build paths. The Ascendant Ascendancy allows the Scion to incorporate elements from two other Ascendancy classes, providing a wide range of abilities and enhancements. However, this flexibility can also be overwhelming for new players, and the Scion's starting stats are lower compared to other classes, making it more challenging to excel early on without careful planning.

4. Ranger

The Ranger is a Dexterity-based class that excels in ranged combat and evasion. Paired with the Deadeye Ascendancy, the Ranger can unleash devastating attacks from a distance, using bows and traps to control the battlefield. The Pathfinder Ascendancy offers excellent flask management and elemental damage bonuses, making it a versatile option for various builds. However, the Ranger's reliance on evasion can be a double-edged sword; while it can avoid many attacks, it is vulnerable to buy POE orbs those that do land. Furthermore, its lower base health compared to other classes means that a well-placed hit can be fatal.

3. Witch

The Witch is an Intelligence-based class that excels in spellcasting and summoning. The Necromancer Ascendancy is particularly popular, allowing the Witch to summon powerful minions to fight on her behalf. The Elementalist Ascendancy offers significant boosts to elemental damage, making it ideal for offensive spellcasting builds. Additionally, the Occultist Ascendancy provides excellent energy shield bonuses and chaos damage capabilities. The Witch's reliance on mana can be a limitation, especially in prolonged fights where mana management becomes crucial. However, her ability to deal massive damage from a distance often outweighs this drawback.

2. Templar

The Templar is a hybrid Strength and Intelligence class, offering a balance between physical and elemental damage. The Inquisitor Ascendancy is particularly effective, providing strong critical strike bonuses and elemental damage boosts. The Hierophant Ascendancy enhances totem and mana capabilities, making it a versatile choice for various spellcasting builds. Additionally, the Guardian Ascendancy offers excellent defensive options, including bonuses to energy shields and resistance. The Templar's flexibility in build paths and his ability to tank and deal damage make him one of the most balanced and powerful classes in the game.

1. Shadow

The Shadow is a Dexterity and Intelligence hybrid class that excels in stealth and critical strikes. Paired with the Assassin Ascendancy, the Shadow can deliver devastating critical hits, making it a top choice for players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay. The Saboteur Ascendancy enhances trap and mine abilities, offering a unique playstyle that focuses on area control and explosive damage. The Trickster Ascendancy provides excellent sustainability through energy shield leech and evasion bonuses, making it a versatile option for both offense and defense. The Shadow's ability to deal massive burst damage while remaining elusive makes it the best class for many players in Path of Exile.

While each class in Path of Exile offers unique strengths and play styles, the ranking reflects their overall effectiveness and versatility when paired with the appropriate Ascendancy classes and builds. The Duelist, despite its balance between offense and defense, often falls short compared to other classes. The Marauder excels in survivability but can struggle against mobile enemies. The Scion offers unmatched flexibility but can be challenging for new players. The Ranger excels in ranged combat but is vulnerable to critical hits. The Witch's powerful spellcasting is limited by mana management. The Templar's balance between physical and elemental damage makes him highly versatile. Finally, the Shadow's ability to deliver devastating critical strikes and remain elusive secures its place as the top class in Path of Exile.

Each class can become a formidable force with the right build and customization, allowing players to tailor their character to their preferred play style and conquer the dark world of Wraeclast.