All Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark Glass Lotus Lake

Mar-15-2022 Categories: Lost Ark

There are many advantages to gathering Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark, and one of them is acquiring a wide range of remunerations. It's likewise an entire excursion in itself since there are seeds to gather in essentially every guide you'll meander into in the game.

There are north of 1,000 Mokoko seeds to gather in the game, and Rohendel is home to 70 of them. A large number of the seeds concealed in Glass Lotus Lake, like different guides in the locale, expect making a trip to explicit circumstances to be gathered.

Here is the area of each Mokoko seed in Glass Lotus Lake and how to get them.

All Mokoko Seed areas in Glass Lotus Lake

On this guide, you'll have the option to gather five seeds out of nine without satisfying explicit prerequisites. They are shown on the guide above by red squares. They are quite simple to find in the climate. Be that as it may, the others won't be reasonable available on your first spat the region.

A few Mokoko seeds, like different guides in the area, expect you to play the Song of Eternity close to them to uncover their area. This melody is a compensation for finishing north of 60% of Rohendel's Adventurer's Tome, which will require some work. Yet, a companion of yours can likewise sing the melody to open its area for you.

The equivalent can be said for the Mokoko seeds situated under the Lotus Habitat landmark and the one at the South of the guide.

The seed on the North piece of the guide requires 250 marks of the Courage Virtue to be opened. You are probably not going to arrive at that number by then in the game, so you could have to return to get it later. Ultimately, the one at the East expects to open the Sweet Honey Butter Beer to be opened. It's a formula explicit to the locale.

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