All fruits, prices and where to get them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Apr-18-2020 Categories: Animal Crossing

We detail the complete list with all the fruits, their prices and where to get them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now available on Switch.

Fruits are an important part of our islands at Animal Crossing New Horizons. When starting a new virtual life in this island paradise we will find various fruit trees that bear only one type of fruit. It is something random and each of us will have a different type of fruit, so we will have to travel to deserted islands or connect with our friends to find all types and fill our town with fruit trees. Below and as part of this comprehensive guide we explain everything there is to know about fruits in the game.

All fruits, prices and where to get them

At the moment, in the absence of an update in which Nintendo adds more content, Animal Crossing New Horizons has only 6 types of fruit:







The latter can only be obtained on the beaches of deserted islands. All will have them, so we can either collect the coconut and plant it on our coasts or take the palm directly with the shovel if we have previously eaten some fruit and therefore we have the force meter up.

Fruit prices at Animal Crossing New Horizons

One factor to keep in mind when selling these fruits in the ACbells store is that if we offer them our local variety they will only offer us 100 berries per unit, while if we deliver an external type of fruit they will give us 500 berries. For this reason, it is one of the most interesting sources of income to have a daily supply of money. Even so, it must be taken into account that it takes 2 days for the fruits to reappear on the trees and that when we plant a tree we have to wait at least 4 days to see it bloom in its final state.