After the WoW Classic, Blizzard turned its attention to the Switch

Jun-16-2019 Categories: WoW

When talking about Blizzard, the first game people think of is WarCraft, StarCraft Universe, Diablo, and World of Warcraft. After all, they are both influential and well-known. What the game can't match, it has played a decisive role in the game of many old players.

Not long ago, "World of Warcraft" officially announced that it will open a classic nostalgic service on August 27, and regardless of whether we can still accept the old version of the depressed, hardcore, unhumanized game settings. Ding, but at least gave many people once again the opportunity to feel the ups and downs of that year.

With the arrival of WoW Classic(Gold) news, there is also the expectation that Blizzard will cooperate with Nintendo. Blizzard CEO Allen Brack mentioned that "Diablo III" version of Switch is very strong, and the process of cooperation with Nintendo is very pleasant. We not only think that Nintendo is a very good game platform, but also a fan of them, Switch itself With some features not available on the Xbox and Sony platforms, I also hope to have more cooperation with Nintendo in the future."

Whether it was Blizzard's Diablo Mobile Games announced at the end of last year or the favor of the Nintendo platform, it showed Blizzard's intention to further develop portable games. Blizzard is certainly a game company worthy of the player's affirmation, but with the changes of the times, the blizzard's light is no longer the same, and the slogan "Blizzard produced, must be boutique" has gradually been forgotten.

Although Blizzard relied on Overwatch for 17 years to win the best fiscal year for the parent company, its rapid decline and the "Heroes of the Storm" trend can not help but let players feel the peak of Blizzard has Over. Coupled with the bad comments from Diablo Immortal at the end of last year and the massive layoffs announced earlier this year, Blizzard is on the way downhill.

The times are changing. Most of today's players can no longer do a copy of the land for a few days and nights. For the masses, portable and fragmented games are more suitable for people's lifestyles. As a result, mobile games have naturally become the first choice for many contemporary people.

There are also a variety of games on the mobile phone that are different from the fragmented time, such as the "Theater Hero" and "Clash Royale" in the card game, the "Soul Knight" in the roguelike type, Idle class "Idle Heroes", etc. They are all very suitable games for the current fragmented lifestyle.

When it comes to portable, in addition to mobile phones, I have to mention the big brother in this area - the handheld, which happens to be the best of Nintendo. One of the reasons why Switch is so successful is also the integration of its handheld and host functions. In addition, Nintendo has a unique concept in developing games. With hundreds of millions of gamers around the world, Blizzard’s expectation of more cooperation with it is not difficult to understand.

Although Blizzard itself also has the classic mobile game "HearthStone", but the blizzard of the main PC-end tour can only be regarded as a fledgling in this field. In order to adapt to the changes of the times and users, Blizzard is such a large volume. Companies must also make changes in a timely manner.