A New Theory on What Went Wrong with New World's 2024 Plans

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The New World fanbase is still reeling from the fallout over the announcement of its soft relaunch on consoles as New World: Aeternum. Something that has been particularly challenging is reconciling this development with what many players, including myself, expected to happen in 2024. The more I reflect on it, the more it seems this wasn’t the original plan for the game this year. Let’s delve into the speculation and see if we can piece together what might have gone wrong.

Optimism at the Start of the Year

At the beginning of 2024, there was a palpable sense of optimism within the New World community. The game had just received its first expansion, which, while not a runaway success, brought some positive additions to the game. The seasonal content cadence was well established, maintaining a consistent player base of around ten thousand average concurrent players. The community was engaged, and the future looked bright.

The developers had also hinted that 2024 would be a monumental year for New World. In a dev video, Scot Lane, the game director, confidently stated that the roadmap for 2024 was even more ambitious than that of 2023. While developers often exaggerate for marketing purposes, the gap between what was promised and what has been delivered is glaring. This discrepancy suggests that the developers themselves might not have anticipated the  buy New World Coins current situation.

Hints of Big Things to Come

Several indicators suggested that big things were on the horizon for New World in 2024. Datamining efforts had uncovered details about the Dunwood zone, hinting at new areas and content. The ending of the Rise of the Angry Earth’s main story also set the stage for significant future developments. Additionally, a February dev article teased “underground areas and mausoleums,” strongly implying that the next major update would introduce a spooky, gothic horror zone.

All these hints pointed towards an exciting year of content that would expand the game world and deepen the lore. The community was buzzing with anticipation, ready to dive into these new experiences. However, the reality of 2024 has not aligned with these expectations.

The Console Soft Relaunch

Instead of the anticipated expansions and content updates, New World has announced a soft relaunch on consoles as New World: Aeternum. This move has taken many by surprise and left the community wondering what went wrong. It feels like a significant departure from the original plans, raising questions about the decision-making process behind this shift.

One possible explanation is that the developers faced unforeseen challenges that forced them to pivot their strategy. Technical issues, resource constraints, or shifts in market trends could have necessitated a change in direction. Alternatively, internal dynamics within the development team or the broader Amazon Games studio might have influenced this decision. Without concrete information, we can only speculate.

Reflecting on the Decision

Given the hints and teases that had been provided, it seems unlikely that the current plan for 2024 was always the intended path. The developers appeared genuinely excited about the content they were working on, and the community’s enthusiasm was a testament to the potential of these updates. It’s possible that the decision to focus on a console relaunch was made out of necessity rather than choice.

One factor that could have played a role is the need to reach a broader audience. By launching on consoles, New World can tap into a new player base and potentially revitalize interest in the game. While this strategy might make sense from a business perspective, it feels like a missed opportunity for the dedicated PC player base that has supported the game since its launch.

The Importance of Managing Expectations

A key takeaway from this situation is the importance of managing player expectations. The disconnect between what was promised and what has been delivered has led to disappointment and frustration within the community. Clear and transparent communication from the developers could have mitigated some of this backlash, providing players with a better understanding of the challenges and decisions that led to the current state of the game.

Moving forward, it will be crucial for the New World team to rebuild trust with their player base. This will involve not only delivering on their promises but also fostering open lines of communication and being upfront about any potential changes in direction. By doing so, they can restore confidence and reignite the passion that initially drew players to New World Gold  the game.

Looking Ahead

While the current situation may be disappointing, it’s important to remember that New World still has potential. The foundation of the game is strong, and the community remains dedicated. By learning from past mistakes and adapting to the evolving landscape of the gaming industry, the developers can steer the game back on course.

The console launch of New World: Aeternum presents an opportunity for growth and renewal. It’s a chance to bring in new players, introduce fresh perspectives, and potentially even reignite interest among those who may have drifted away. If executed well, this relaunch could be a turning point for the game, setting the stage for future successes.


The announcement of New World: Aeternum and the subsequent soft relaunch on consoles have left many in the community feeling uncertain and disappointed. However, by examining the situation and understanding the potential reasons behind this shift, we can gain a clearer perspective on what went wrong. While the current plan for 2024 may not align with our initial expectations, there is still hope for the future of New World. By focusing on transparency, managing player expectations, and leveraging the opportunities presented by the console launch, the developers can work towards rebuilding trust and delivering the engaging content that the community desires.

In the meantime, we can continue to speculate and theorize, piecing together the clues and hints that have been provided. With any luck, the future of New World will bring exciting new adventures, challenges, and opportunities for players to explore. So, put on your tinfoil conquistador helms and stay tuned for what lies ahead in the ever-evolving world of New World: Aeternum.