5 Websites Every Runescape Player Should Know

Dec-13-2021 Categories: runescape

What are the top five sites that every Runescape player should know and visit? Where can you find the best information, the most useful services, and the largest community of players? Follow this guide and learn about five websites every Runescape player should know!

1. Runescape Wikia

Because Wikipedia is the world’s leading digital encyclopedia and source of information on a variety of topics, some special Wikipedia has emerged and earned the title of the wiki. You’ll find thousands of different wikis, and Runescape is no exception. Wikipedia Runescape has 42,000 articles on both RS3 and OSRS. Guides, Player Profiles, Game History, and other valuable information are on hand.

2. RuneHQ

RuneHQ also has a comprehensive list of articles and sections that provide information about both OSRS and Runescape 3. However, RuneHQ has a great tool called calculators to help you see and estimate how much it takes to reach a certain level of your current status. . RuneHQ also has forums where you can join, share and discuss things with other players.

3. Tip.it / Runescape

In line with the listing trend of directory sites, tip.it is another great site for RS operators. The very easy-to-use interface combined with a lot of original and very interesting content + calculators makes this site a great stop. However, it looks like it gets a little fewer updates, but a lot of information has accumulated over a long period of time.

4. RSorder

Being able to buy gold is one of the most undervalued features of Runescape. It helps save time and allows players to jump into fun by avoiding boring grinding and constant clicking.

RSorder is a site that sells Runescape gold, which also leads its class. They offer many ways to pay for the gold you need, so wherever you are, traditional payment methods are available. Reasonable prices, no hidden fees, fast and quick communication, and lots of positive feedback make OSRS Gold number one.

They also have social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter so you can stay connected to the gold market and follow the news related to Runescape.

5. Moparscape

Moparscape is the best-known alternative to Runescape. Although Moparscape does not actually exist, it is a database of Runescape's own servers. Private servers have some similarities to the original game, but they are usually easier to play and succeed than the original game. This is because most features provide much more XP compared to Runescape XP base prices.

On these private servers, graphics and drivers are the only things associated with the old Runescape. Map prices, NPCs, XP, and gameplay can vary greatly depending on where you end up. It’s a great way to dissipate power if you’re a little tired of the original RS.