5 Questions About Prot Warrior

1)Is Prot Warrior right?

While Prot Warrior won't be perceived because the most powerful tank desire primarily based totally on echoes from the personal servers scene, it's far actually aggressive in chance era and survival.

The Prot Warrior does now no longer % the equal software or cooldowns as different lessons on paper, however it is not anything that cannot be offset via way of means of your raid composition in a 25-guy raid wherein maximum buffs are already redundant.

The relative weak point of the warrior tank in WotLK is inconsequential to the fulfillment of your raid and not anything like TBC wherein Prot warrior became objectively lagging at the back of withinside the chance branch because of scaling problems.

2)Can I clean each tough mode as a Prot War?

Yes, actually. The minor distinction in non-public protective cooldowns in comparison to different tanks may not count number out of doors of slicing area guilds pushing for international first development and speedruns.


-Great snap chance and sustained chance, with right non-public DPS

-Explosive frontloaded AoE chance that permits instant AoE on trash

-Engaging rotation with unpredictable Shield Slam refresh

-High mobility inside and outside of combat

-Good manage with a couple of stuns, kick, silence, disarm, taunt resets from Vigilance

-Shattering Throw offers an awesome burst window for the raid for 10 sec as soon as according to come upon

-Prot Warrior is at its most powerful early withinside the growth, while different warrior specifications are at their weakest factor and now no longer so desirable, so having a Prot Warrior for Sunders and Commanding Shout may be valuable


-Reliance on block score bypassed via way of means of boss mechanics regularly doing magic or real harm

-Limited protective cooldowns that make you extra depending on raid support (Pain Supp, Hand of Sacrifice, Divine Sacrificce) and their related glyph are underwhelming.

-No particular buff or debuff that makes you vital to a organization(Beyond Commanding Shout.)

-Low DPS contribution while offtanking -Mediocre DPS twin specifications while now no longer tanking and really equipment dependant/excessive opposition on bodily equipment normal Ironically, Prot Warrior begins offevolved shining withinside the chance branch in an growth wherein the point of interest shifts to survival for tough modes. And all of the different tanks get new protective cooldowns that overshadow the warrior's package, robbing him of his preceding niche. There are nevertheless a handful of encounters wherein a Prot Warrior can shine, along with Thorim (AoE snap chance, CC), Freya (CC), Algalon (excessive block score towards speedy twin wielding), Faction Champions (CC), Anub'arak (tanking provides with excessive block), however it's far hardly ever absolutely the quality tank for the activity withinside the majority of the raid content material. Expect to look Prot Warrior at its top in Naxxramas speedruns for the explosive AoE chance and sunders, however fall out of style while the issue ramps up beginning from Ulduar tough modes and different specifications cowl its buffs and debuffs. Subsequent degrees carry extra tank busters requiring excessive survival and cooldowns and much less trash mobs/AoE. query Can you clean the whole thing as a Prot War? Yes, actually. The distinction with different tanks is small and may not count number out of doors of slicing area guilds pushing for international first development and speedruns.

Source - Warrior Club (Fight Club Discord)

I dont suppose every person says it higher than this discord however to feature onto the unique questions. Id argue safety warrior turns into one of the maximum a laugh tanking specializations in wotlk. Granted im biased as a warrior primary due to the fact that classic.

Depending if the beta displays how warriors "Unrelenting Revenge" spec will finalize. Prot can have a superb aoe bundling spec in addition to a dps targeted opportunity for smaller packs extra normally refered to as Arms/Prot. Id argue it has the perfect time in solo leveling. But cant verify that till we get prepatch. But it appears very promising!

3) Are they any right in pve?

Every tank is possible alternatives for all types of pve. You will simplest note small differances in survicability from the four alternatives of tanks all having their execs and cons all through content material.

4) Are they useable in pvp?

I cant say a whole lot for safety however hands keeps to dominante the pvp scene with a few properly wished additions like shattering throw, organization extensive spell displays and having the ability to make use of all 3 in their costs all through combat.

5) Are they a possible leveling spec?

It may be argued that going dps might be a higher leveling spec however thinking about the capacity to preserve aoe packs a whole lot higher with protections new talentslike reflecting block fee harm upon hit/block.

In my opinion has a higher time normal in each solo leveling and extra importantly in dungeon content material.

If you need statistics on warrior I strongly advocate the theorycrafters at warrior membership discord. They offer an awesome collection of statistics that you'll be searching out!

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