20 Years Later, How Does Jagex Maintain The Vitality Of MMORPG "RuneScape"

Jan-07-2021 Categories: runescape

RuneScape is one of the most famous video games on the planet. It was started by three brothers in a garage on January 4, 2001. Now, by 2021, this is a 20-year-old MMORPG, millions of people have played with people all over the world. Technically, it exists as a free MMORPG with an optional "premium" subscription service, but the developers believe that RuneScape is primarily a subscription-based game. Longevity and continued success are very significant. What is it that keeps RuneScape's longevity and continued success?

Players and characters

The relationship between the player and the character. There are few reasons to create a second account, because RuneScape does not provide different player levels, so every choice you make and every increase in progress piles up on top of the character. Your avatar becomes the trophy for everything you do in RuneScape. Players may come to RuneScape because of the humorous tone, the lower specifications that need to be played, or because it is used on mobile devices, but I believe this is the bond with the player character, which has made people play crazy for 20 years. The game uses a wonderful evergreen design that encourages players to get along with each other and establish real friendships with the community, thereby becoming meaningfully social, many of which continue into the game itself.

Equipment requirements and game progress

RuneScape does not have high requirements for the platform you are using. In the early days, this meant that people could play in the library or quickly launch it in a browser near a friend's house. Now, this lower barrier means that RuneScape can be placed well on multiple platforms, as we have shown when we entered Steam in 2020 and entered the mobile market in 2021. The last one is not to be underestimated, because RuneScape is the first MMO to enter the mobile market without any concessions, such as cutting content or porting through PC controls. This is the entire world of RuneScape, but with controls and interfaces tailored for mobile devices. You can experience the game exactly the way they remember. For other players who are looking for a higher fidelity experience with more modern features and appearance, we also provide this option. In 2020, both styles of the game have achieved amazing growth, which helped us reach a record level of total membership this year.

Story mission game experience

RuneScape provides a truly alternative fantasy experience that is deep, smart, and extremely attractive. RuneScape is full of whimsical storytelling and a lot of British humor (daddy tells jokes and puns), and is the perfect antidote to the various cookie MMORPGs that exist today. I especially like the many complex tasks of RuneScape, which are rare in other games today. They remind me very much of LucasArts' click classics, such as Monkey Island and Loom, which have weird characters and proper head-grabbing puzzles. Good job, we can go online now! RuneScape is also very different in providing backup games. RuneScape can conduct fierce competitions through exciting battles and precise skills, but it can also bring a very relaxing experience. Many players spend hours to take advantage of more AFK aspects of the game, while performing other activities while being second Make progress in each screen, such as watching TV shows, shopping or even working.

Constant update of new content

A lot of plot content is released every month, in addition to patch weeks and events. This is a prosperous little game, and becoming a subscriber benefits a lot. You can play the game for free and get some game maps, missions and skills. Through constantly providing new content, new stories and new skills to train to attract your expectations of a story with OSRS Gold. RuneScape has always wanted to tell new stories, which means bringing yourself into the world with new fields, tasks and things to do. However, you can’t delete older content at the same time; all of them remain in your game and will deteriorate. Our graphics and audio bars have become taller, and the asset library is so large and unwieldy that it is impossible to always raise it to the highest standards. RuneScape handles the balance between the old and the new well and ensures that the experience between the two is seamless.

Keep up with the times

Many people like MMO, but they don't have the time to truly commit to MMO as in the past. Cross-platform will quickly become more and more popular, enabling this experience to happen in a more convenient way (less "long distance"), but still maintaining a meta-progress system that keeps players entertained for such a long time. This will lead to more integration between these types of games in the future. As said ten years ago, more games now contain RPG elements. You may see more non-desktop gaming platforms offering regular payment options instead of just relying on free game models. The success of the battle pass system and the increasing popularity of subscription-based services in mobile applications make sense for players and publishers, especially when combined with cross-platform, always-on games. RuneScape is an excellent place to adapt to these trends.